The curses of spiritual awakening

People advertise for their believes, because allies strengthen abstract concepts.
So religious people, Vegans, health-and sports gurus, or spiritual newcomers are on their “missions” to push their agenda onto others and persist despite lacks of success – simply in order to be “good” – usually by praising how beautiful their new-found ways would be.

Yet the reality usually is very different: Hardly anyone has a constant happy and fulfilled lifestyle and even the greatest motivators or masters can contract any kind of disease or die at any time and often the most celebrated and admired people have huge issues – all of which is usually dismissed with the Jokers of unexplainable “Karma” or “Fate”.

So why are especially people who work so hard to better themselves and the world often the ones who are laughed at most for not succeeding in what they preach or long for?

The answer lies in the shift of consciousness:
In music, 2 notes which are close together are called a second and usually sound rough,
the further away a note moves from the base note, the better it sounds – a fifth (which is called “Quint”) for example is 5 notes higher and can provide a quintessence, and when the same note is reached again, things harmonise on a higher octave:

The same aplies to rythms, or colors for example: unvafoable colors can clash
and often oppistes one match better (which is a reason for different kinds of people having a relationship).

So when someone awakens spiritually the person evolves out of the tribal mentality as Carolyn Myss explains it very well, there will be a huge friction – not only because of frictions in (color- or sound-)vibrations, but also,
because the surrounding one grew into does everything possible to keep one at bay in order to ensure everyones continued participation in it and therewith strengthening the tribe.

Especially family problems are a classic issue which make spiritual seekers look like eccentric black sheep,
who compensate for their inability to conform with “outlandish” hopes and projections onto forces which literally are “out of this (material) world”.

The realm of super-heroes satisfies that huge need (especially of not acknowledged teenagers)  and pacifies most materialists by giving them a way to let off some steam through comix or movies.

Yet there also are real miracles (the ones which usually are dismissed and simply accepted as unexplainable), which justify a life-long search for a higher purpose of genuine seekers who are not content of merely playing along for the sake of fitting in(to a much to tight jacket).

It usually just takes only one glimpse of what is dismissed as “Alices wonderland”, such as a moment of understanding or a dream,
to never wanting to buy into the illusion of Maya and play along with the brainwash pushed on us by greedy people in forms of advertised material needs.

And if you are one of the people who “got it”, now you have the problem:
By starting to question a few fundamental maximes you triggered an avalanche from without and within at the same time:
The outer world will react to your “in-sights” with tremendous aversion for their world is literally rocked and your inner world also is shaken,
because you start to see what kind of a fool you were for having slept for ages.

This then will lead to a disaster of you becoming more and more sensitive, whilst your immediate surrounding will treat you with contempt, aggression and schadenfreude.
It is shocking to see how most people will actually “kick a man when he is down” and not the least feel guilty about being responsible to have blood on their hands.
The simple reason for them killing anything they don’t understand (as it is propagated in many alien-invasion and xenophobic mainstream movies) is their fear of the unknown fear of change and also their repression of own guilt.

But as if that is not enough, the double bind now is that the spiritual seeker starts to understand wrongs in a total new way which, then will bring up a tremendous amount of anger and frustration whilst not even being able to express them to the perpetrators. Usually, attemps to work them out together constructively will only make things worse by aggravating others or making them look down on one for being weak.

An example of such an insight can be the Freudian analysis of the ego:

Let’s say that your parents did educate you about their moral values,
so you try to live up to those in order to be a “good” person.
This is called the superego.
Your ego is your self (which you are working on in spirituality),
and the Id are your lower needs and wishes (your inherited limbic desires).

First the task seems in line with spiritual work (or one chooses the spirituality which matches the parental moral values) …

… but once you wake up, some aspects arise which just don’t fit into the clear black & white straight forward goal anymore.
What if in your meditation it comes up that your parents did not merely convey a clear moral goal to you, but also did condition you to adhere to their personal ID?

One case could be the dogma to cherish the parents sentimentality and therewith not being able to live your own life (which could be a classic for Hellinger’s family therapy).

A worse case would be any kind of violation (and I am not only talking about those dramatic sexual traumas, but also about much more often seen constant nagging dogmas such as political or religious believes which are enforced through guilt).

Often when such insights come up they are “explained” to the brain as definite events (which may or not even have happened that way),
or worse, are swallowed in a self-destructive or self-degrading obedience.
This sarcastically does make the person with the connection to higher realities look like a neurotic conspiracy theorist

  • something which will turn the seeing accuser into an easy target to be ridiculed.

In case you had such revelations here my strategic 2 cents for you:
Since your intuition could be right, but your intellectual translation into the reason behind it wrong, I would suggest you to treat your insights with extreme caution and not accuse others, until you tested your theories a few times and they did prove to be right.
Because if you only once were wrong, most listeners will loose faith in your judgement and if things go down bad, you might even end up having to apologise to someone whom you know is energetically the cause of your pain – just not in the way you portrayed it.

Even more difficult is it in cases of family problems,
because one has the same genes as the suppressors, so a conflict is nearly pre-programmed:
2 similar characters repel each other, just as the same poles of a magnet do.

So how can you get through the waking up from a fairy tale dream into a dormant nightmare?

The first aid is to look at everything as a reflection of yourself and seeing yourself as the creator of your own world.
This will re-impower you to have the ultimate tool for changing even the most adverse circumstances.

So your parents could be seen not as your parents, but as your former self – whether it is in your genes or your previous lifes (however your belief-system works).
In case you were entangled in a victim-consciousness (which is quite normal, because we are conditioned to have experienced parents as the ones holding the power), this will move you into an empowered position.

However, since each coin holds two sides, there also is unfortunately a lesser pleasant side to this view because with great power comes great responsibility.
So the next step is then is to acknowledge that if you are the creator, then you also have to be the creator of this mess you are in, so the best you can do is to relax into it and not fight it, because else you are fighting yourself.

But this doesn’t mean to play the often propagated “love and peace” number and roll over like an obedient dog.
In order to solve the dilemma of the dogma to revere your ancestors and to protect yourself from constant attacks, it is sometimes not bad to cut family ties for a while (either externally, or internally by doing a ritual).

One ritual for example would be to visualise an umbilical chord between you and someone else and then cutting it with a sword in one hand and burning it with a torch in the other. This then will at least protect your tender soul for a while like a fence does protect a little plant until it grew stronger.

Especially for sensitive spiritual people to cut ties seems totally contrary to their agenda to implement that “we all are one” into their lives, but it is a necessary step on the way to clearly distinguish the self from the non-self as the Indian term Viveka describes it.
After all – each cell knows its place in the body, and it would be a disaster if your body could not clearly distinguish one from another.

This is why people who are too good-hearted to confine themselves often are overweight and can not loose it, because they benevolently take on issues which are not necessary theirs. The lesson is clearly that the time has come to take care for oneself as much as was done for others.

But after that insight the strategy is clear:
Simply (any maybe literally) “sit this one out”, by meditating, contemplating and relaxing into it until the waves of those unpleasant vibration slowly calmed down again.
First of all this will protect yourself and the surrounding from damage, and it also it will ensure a balanced way to slowly withdraw backwards, without loosing the compassion for the people we encounter,
(whom we subconsciously know to have the exact same dilemmas as us).

Us simply brushing them of could wipe them into the gutter of marginalisation, and it is no holistic solution to simply hop onto the bright side of life at the expense of others. After all, that is what they did and our task is to literally “rise above the occasion”.

I once saw my life as a string with many knots in irregular intervals and I realised that each of those knots is unnecessary anger which mostly arouse from narrow-mindedness.

So each time we observe one of those energetic knots and don’t put oil onto those flames our mind has the chance to expand so that those entanglements eventually dissolve themselves for being irrelevant.

When we realise that the people who hurt us were very likely our former selves,
most issues are a result of our own Karma of likely thousands of years,
so don’t be surprised if it takes decades to solve them

  • after all this is fast in comparison of the time it took you to pile the issues on,

and you are transforming hurtful misconceptions and therewith bettering the world.

What we often perceive as a curse or as obstacles,
may our souls way of spoon-feeding us the tasks to be resolved.

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unorthodox angles to common concepts: imposition, violation and rape

The obvious current consensus about violations – by far not only sexual ones – is to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice and therewith society is protected.
Whilst this is a necessary line of action it only gives little comfort to the victims, so this article is about the exploration and helpful angles to bring comfort to the ones on the receiving end.

There are two ways a violated person has access to their trauma:
Either in remembering clearly what happened, or in finding out – often years or decades later – by indicators, that something went wrong and then reconstructing it.

In both cases the esoteric analysis is the same – it is a case of a violation of the root- or sex-chakra which obviously is associated with those organs, yet it also has to do with an imposition of willpower to the extend that the self-perception is distorted up to such an extend that some people dwell in compensatory behaviours for the rest of their lives. (Often those are the ones who dream big and unfortunately rarely succeed, unless they follow the path lined out in this article.)

Here a quick word to the perpetrators who have no sense of the more subtle psychic powers and deem a violation as a mere temporary discomfort of the victim, just as it is only a temporary feeling of pleasure to them to physically abuse them:
The earlier a still developing personality is stomped on, the deeper the impression usually is and the longer it can last.

So what, from a victim’s perspective could be done to resolve this issue for good?
To forgive and move on is a good step in mild cases such as unpleasant sex in a relationship for example, but hardly enough for profound rape cases.
So a mere glossing over won’t work, but what will do, is to even use that dynamics to ones own advantage by facing very unpleasant facts and taking the consequences:

One possibility is to see everything as a reflection of ones own energy and therewith acknowledge that there is an internal aspect which did attract this seeming “blow of fate”. A Hindu who believes in reincarnation once said that if ones “axis of evil” is predominant, one may have been a criminal in one life, and in the next life a policeman, but as long as this axis still exists that person in the next life might become a criminal again.
So it could be (and I am merely pointing to a possibility) that the victim’s axis of imposed will is still unresolved, which would explain cases in which some people were raped at multiple occasions, which statistically would be impossible else-wise.

Another possibility is for the victims who vaguely did reconstruct their own dilemma, to having concretised an attack on their willpower by giving it a definite scenario, whilst in fact the violation may have been on a much more subtle level, such as a long-term suppression of their will. This of course is very thin ice to treat on, because it would give any legal defender the right to dismiss any cause, but since this is about own rehabilitation, the focus here is on the solution to that issue, so let’s take a scenario:

A father with a strong male dominant energy might have raised his kid (maybe even well meaning) too harshly, by dismissing the sensitive needs of his child for decades.
So this kid who later does a deep soul search into the reasons of its underdeveloped personality-trades could reconstruct it as a definite physical violation –
and cases like this have been known where children did project their issues falsely  onto the therapist who dealt with this issue.
(This of course seems like an irony of fate – except if  the therapists well-intended work would also be interpreted as a residual involvement in this issue).

This was merely the point of view on the root-cause of the issue, but the by far more important part for the damaged is how to deal with this issue from now on:

First of all a blame of the perpetrator is merely beneficial to strengthen the legal system,
but thereafter, the much larger and much more important part is to search for constructive solutions.

The first step is one step back from the picture to see more than the pixel of the perpetrator, but the entire dynamics, so any kind of generalisation which condemns an entire group, such as “men”, “women”, specific race or age will only keep the issue burning by adding fuel to it. And so will be any decision to avoid that kind of group by becoming homosexual or racist if it happened only out of an aversion to bad experiences.

The second step is to look at own involvements in this terrible experience – a step of honesty which usually is the most painful one, but as it is said: “there are always both sides involved in a conflict”, and since perpetrators usually are too little evolved to apologise or even acknowledge the huge damage they have done, there is no point in hoping for a consolation from them,
but now comes a very positive new aspect to the chances behind this pain:

There is an outer and an inner will, which these days is often called “the ego” vs “the true self”, and the aspect which only can be hurt by violations or rapes is the outer will – the self-perception which is needed to be successful in society. This is the aspect which is reinforced by well-meaning motivators, and this is the reason why some people who had been victims listen to tons of them, yet never succeed the way they envisioned to.

This also could apply to people with no spectacular story to tell, but to some who had been squeezed into a life which was not mean to be theirs to begin with.
Often it is a catch 22 situation in which ones self-esteem had ben knocked and thereafter this person is open to all kinds of attacks from bosses or landlords up to thugs or trolls.

What an ignorant society, non-empathic people in charge, or rapists destroy,
are peoples worldly life:
their self assurance, pertness, and what one often sees in children of multimillionaires who never did experience any hardships in life.
It is ironic that those people who never got the bitter taste of a blow in their face, are the ones who are most likely to later violate the life-force of many people who are in less fortunate positions. This can be seen in the ruthless policies of many large corporations.

But what no one ever can take from you is the sense of your true self, your inner will, your access to the divine or however you call it, and the beauty of it is that this is what creates true happiness – not the compensatory desires of which my great grandmother said: “Nothing breeds so quickly as [external] wishes!”
The true sense of oneself is something which is very rarely found in people and this world and is nearly never advertised, because it doesn’t sell anything.

So what is this sense of ones true self which is glimpsed upon by many people who begin to spiritually wake up?
You might visualise it like  personality-trades  on pieces of paper which are stacked on a piper spike, and the “real you” is not what is written on the paper, …

… but the hole the spike created.
This solves the mystery of all of us supposedly “being one” whilst all of us being very different.
On somes paper is written “trans-sexual race-driver”, on another ones “arachnophobic garbage collector”, yet through both of them goes the same space, which is called by some “the divine light”, by others “the Christ consciousness”, by the third “Allah” and by the fourth “enlightenment”.

So whilst the victims external self-perception was (maybe literally) poked in a bad way, that person now has the chance to elevate to true hights much faster than others, because those people have experienced the rupture of their clichéd self so that their sky (which most deem as their limit) has now gained a total new dimension.

Yogananda once said that the joy of sex would pale in comparison to true enlightenment, and once one has seen the much broader dimension there is no turning back.

William Butler once gave great comfort in saying that everyone’s soul grows toward the light, like every plant does – even the most obstructed ones. And it can be seen on the grade of their crookedness how difficult their path must have been.

So if you are a sufferer, first of course you have to stay with your pain for as long as it takes – be it months, years, or decades.
And at one point you have the choice:

Do you want to restore your material life as you (or what was hammered into your brain) wanted them to be?
Or “use the force” to move onto a spiritual dimension  by any means necessary,
most of the  “comfort zoners” can only dream about?

Elevating your consciousness does not guarantee instant happiness, but the new found direction may serve as pointers on a tedious, long, but in the end very path to self-discovery.

After all, “the best revenge is to lead a great life“.


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