Spiritual inspiration Sunday 4

After watching this video I realised that enlightening experiences are just glimpses into the divine;
but by no means the end of the road for us,
because we still have to work out a lot of our own stuff
parallel of those inspirations.
I think enlightenment helps us to see what to gear towards or what gives us purpose in life.
(But that is only my own personal opinion in 2019)

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Spiritual inspiration Sunday 3

Happy 🔆day, my fellow soul-searchers!

If you are interested in health and healing,
I have some free excerpts from the documentary Heal for you:
For the rest of this month HayhouseHealSummit.com will put up a few new videos which are available for one day only before they are charged for.
So bookmark that page and watch 1-2 videos every day, as long as they are free.
And here is the spiritual ascension inspiration of the week:

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Spiritual inspiration Sunday 2

Happy ☀️day to you all!

Today I have an article about an inspiring conscious evolution for you.

And here is the video of the day:

To be able to read the words better, make the video fullscreen by clicking on the square on the right bottom of the video.

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video class


Brilliant Video instruction for Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.