2 key virtues: persistence and deceleration


I once had the luck of participating in a 10-day Vipassana course in France
under the personal guidance of its founder Goenka , who said:

Most spiritual beginners change their discipline ever so often,
but if one wants to find oil, it is futile to drill 10 m here and 100m there.
One has to drill very deep at the same place in order to find it.”


Most people think that by thinking fast they could solve more issues, but yogis did call such mental jumping around “a monkey mind”. The transformation is beautifully displayed in the card above which does contain so much symbolism, that it would fill an entire article by itself.

Yogi Bhajan taught that Yogis could manage to breath only once per minute, so we will start only on the breath, which also connects the subconscious to the consciousness: You can breath voluntarily, but also breath in sleep and your breath is affected by your subconscious emotions.

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