Sodarchan Chakra Kriya: about the time and length

There is no time, no place, no space, and no condition attached to this meditation.
Each garbage pit has its own time to clear. If you are going to clean your own garbage, you must estimate and clean it as fast as you can, or as slow as you want. You have to decide how much time you have to dean up your garbage pit.” (Yogi Bhajan)

I strongly assume that the following is also from Yogi Bhajan,
because I gathered From the 3HO comunity verbally, that
• 40 days of daily meditation and all skin-cells have changed, (which has to do with the aura)
• 90 days and all blood-cells have changed (blood is related to emotions)
• 120 days the bone-cells have changed and you have changed permanent
by stamping each cell with your spiritual intention.
• 1000 days of meditation changes a monkey to a saint.

My personal recommendation from my decades of expericence for you is:
1.    build it up over a 2-3 week period increasing 1 “Wahe Guru” each time & do it properly: sit straight and focus on the tip of the nose (at least for 1 breathing cycle to train yourself into that nasty burn that focus causes in the brain – it will get better later – I just experience this ).
(It took me 2 weeks to be able to hold the breath over more than one cycle – then suddenly I had a break through and was able to meditate for as long as I could)

Then avoid my mistake: Do not try to do 2 1/2 hours straight away: I did it and it brought up so much stuff that it destroyed my entire life for 24 years – within that time I tried and failed again and again and instead of reaping benefits I did suffer a tremendous sensibility for injustice, loneliness and own mistakes. My entire career was destroyed by self reflection and I even got chronically sick from it.

Instead do the following which I realized and practiced about 4 years ago:
2.    Go for 40 days DAILY just 3 minutes. Even if you are invited somewhere and forgot to do it you still can do it on someone’s toilet. Just make sure you did not consume drugs or alcohol beforehand. (Jesus also went for 40 days into the desert to transform himself).
3. Extend the 40 days to 90 days of daily meditation
(meanwhile you can increase your practice 1 minute a week up to 10 minutes if you wish )
(this took me an entire year because I failed many times after around 55 days) Those 50 days between day 40 & 90 are by far the most difficult ones, because they relate to the blood with all its emotions so all impatience and resistance arises in that period.
4. Stay with the daily practice and extend  your 3 min. Kriya to 120 days. This is not difficult.
5.    Thereafter do the same program of 120 days but with a minimum of 11 minutes. ( still easy )
(This also took me another year because I again failed a few times between 50&60 days. However meanwhile I did build it up to half an hour).

Now you may do step 6,7, and 8 or jump right to step 9.

  1. Someone just told me that she also heard of a 22 minute step, so if you are struggling doing half an hour, you may add 120 minutes of 22 minutes before you do:
    7.    120 days of 31 minutes (meanwhile you can build it up to an hour).
    (This also took me another year). 31 minutes already strained my patience. Even more so:
    8.    120 days of 62 minutes. For this I literally had to give SCK total preference and drop my worldly ambition. I literally was exhausted after each meditation.
    (By the way: the length was measured in heartbeats not minutes, but it is calculated into minutes for todays zeitgeist.)
    (This is where I am at right now and since the beginning of this year I could not overcome 55 days), so I had the constructive idea to kill 3 birds 1 one stone:
    (I try the desired 62 minutes since day 50 of the 1000 days, but I will not increase it until I acomplished 120 days of 62 min in order not to overdo it again and then fail.) Alternatively you could

9.    start with at least 24 Minutes and increase the time every week just by one minute.
This way you also will have completed 120 days of 31 and 62 minutes and should reach the 2 ½ hours after 880 days so that you can continue to do
10.    120 days of 2 ½ hours !
11.    and by then you will have done Sodarchan Chakra Kriya  for 1000 days nonstop!

This is of course a very aspired plan and not guaranteed to succeed, but we can change our attitude to failure as they do in the gym: The ones training hardest purposely make repetitions “until failure” which is nothing negative but a sign that they gave their best.
So if this should turn out to be too much, I will reduce the time but still strive for 1000 days. This way I can later continue building up until I suceed.

Of course you will not follow my game exactly – this is merely a suggestion to keep you going, because this way you have small steps to accomplish along the way which will keep you practicing daily. This is just my game, so it is not imperative to follow it.

Additionally I will separate all steps into many levels, so that all of you can comment under the level you currently are. This way we can build a comunity who shares their experiences. This took me 24 years and will take me at least another 3, but maybe by now the time is ripe for you to it all in one go which would then take you 4 years.
I assume that this will take you something in between 4 and 27 years – as long as your soul needs to adjust to that major shift in consciousness.
Always remember that you are doing a 180° turn from possibly many lifetimes, so even my 27 years are fast compared to the thousands of years I might have been a Neanderthal !