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Since people once in a while ask me about my first 1000 days, I sum them up here.
However, the detailed path is actually described on the right margin of this blog, step, by step.

  • In 1994 in the first 2 months I succeeded to build  up SCK up to 2 1/2 hours
  • From then on I failed hundreds of times for about 15 years
  • And when I realised that I would be capable of doing half already if I only had done 1 second more each day (on average – which makes it a minute more every 2 months,
  • I went for 120 days each of 3,11,22,31 &62 minutes which each took me a year (5 years alltogether)
  • And to build up to 2 1/2 hours I did the legendary 1000 days
  • Whilst keeping up the 2.5 hours I give myself a year  to adjust my occasionally unhealthy lifestyle to the Kriya
  • And then I want to Sodarshan Chakra Kriya (SCK) perfectly for 1000 days

However, I would like to point out that my intention is not to display my life for judgemental fence sitters who don’t do SCK themselves,
but my main reason for putting myself in the open with all my difficulties is, so that people like you who reads this right now might get inspired to also join me in practicing SCK yourself (just a tiny bit every day) ❤

Below is a statistics of every 10 days (early years are estimated but the rise in the second half is logged correct)
Green is the theoretical virtual build up of a second more daily,
and blue is my reality.


Update in June 2018:
For nearly a year I did do SCK irregularly and sometimes long, sometimes short, which was necessary to let go of a too dogmatic “going through the motions” only.
Instead I did focus a lot on the coherence between my aspirations and my lifestyle so that instead of the hardship of a daily Kriya I had to honestly admit to myself my faults and relinquish nearly all worldly pleasures. This at the moment takes all my energy so that I do build up SCK from scratch literally by the minute so that once I reach 2.5 hours again I hopefully can do it without my neanderthal-lifestyle inhibiting me from a spiritual progress.

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1000 days of daily meditation transform a monkey into a saint

This blog is dedicated to the Kundalini-Yoga-Meditation Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
in order to inspire others to join my 1000-day-quest to do do this meditation daily.

Here is the quest you are happy to join:

It is my strong believe that doing this exercise will transform anyones life significantly forever,
which is why I will not only collect all information I can find,
but also create forums for you to join and comunicate with each other
so that we can inspire each other by letting us know the difficulties we encounter and the benefits we reap.

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