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    The intermediate Sodarshan Chakra Kriya course 

    The intermediate steps

    … are meant for those who already can do SCK but came here for clarity, affirmation and inspiration.

    If you are a beginner, please do claim all 9 previous cards of the beginner’s course first.

    And understand: The reason why you should do each step and not more, is because you slowly have to build up your stamina.

    Like in body-building, it is not about lifting high weights,
    but always to lift a little more than you could before,
    because that builds muscles without tearing them.
    In the same way you are building up your aura in this course.

    Believe me: I tried and failed for 20 years to push myself to the highest level – only to fail hundreds or probably even a thousand times; so you can learn from my mistakes and avoid tremendous suffering by following my unorthodox recommendation here!

    Someone who already can do 20 minutes 5 times weekly for example, can continue to do their practice, but on the usual days off, instead of not practicing, do just 3 minutes to fulfil the 3-minute levels, and then move on in this course or game.
    The rule of thumb is: Always only claim the level of the least time you did in that period.

    And if you, for example have done 73 days of SCK for 3-15 minutes,
    * then you have already done the 40 days to claim card 8,
    * and are 33 days into card 9 already.
    All you have to do then is to add 47 days of a minimum of 3 minutes daily and you will have claimed the first 120 days of all three 3-minute levels and therewith the card “Fortune“.
    (If things get hard, don’t even try to do more than 3 minutes, but stick to your daily practice.)

    I know that you may want to speed up your practice – I myself did even build it up to 2.5 hours within the first two weeks,
    but my downfall was that I wasn’t warned by Y.B. and therefore gave up about 50-60 days into it.
    Would he have told me to fall back initially to 3 minutes, then 11, 22 & 31 minutes, I would have kept going – maybe only would have done 3 minutes for the second half of the first 120 days, but I would have kept going.
    Hence – do as much as you want, but reserve the right to fall back on your level’s minimum time.

    The key here is patience and completion of all steps, preferably in order.

    Once you had enough of your karmic suffering and feel the need to cut through the slime of your worldly entanglements you may walk the fast path by choosing to do a Tibetan retreat time of 3 years, months, weeks and days, whilst building up, plus 1000 days of a tenth of a day, which Sikhs call a Dasvand.
    Those 6-7 years it will take you, reflect a full Cabalistic cycle in which you will have gone through all personality aspects:
    1. year: Sun (personality),
    2nd year: Moon (emotions),
    3rd year: Mars (energy),
    4th year: Mercury (communication),
    5th year: Jupiter (spirituality),
    6th year: Venus (love) and
    7th year: Saturn (duty).
    If you don’t believe in the Kabbalah, know that our weekdays run exactly according to it (as you can see especially in the french names),
    and the biblical Genesis of the 7-day creation of the world simply reflects those qualities.

    (That method is what I currently do – with some needed pauses in between, so it even takes me longer.)

    You might think that you are not capable of pulling that through
    (so your mind will fool you into thinking that you wouldn’t want to do it),
    but it is easier than you thought, because the trick is to take breaks after each step, and therewith make space for your other personality-trades which also need attention.

    The only steps you shouldn’t take breaks in between are
    * the three 3-minute levels
    * and the two 11-minute levels,
    because they add up to 120days each, and if you break those,
    you have to restart those levels all over again without being able to use your previous levels.

    In order to accelerate the 28 year long slow path mentioned in the beginners course, I came up with a simple method to collect all the steps, Yogi Bhajan taught about meditation times, and lock in each of them like a ratchet wheel.

    Once you accomplished 40, 90, or 120 days of each level, you will have secured it into your personality and be able to start at that level anytime again – even after a long break, so that nothing will be lost.

    Let’s start with an easy step: Just do 40 days of 3 minutes only and you will gain the card. (Self-)Adjustment or Justice.

    Everyone can do this – even if you didn’t get around to meditate the entire day there is always a way to squeeze in this short time.

    You may tick of any step you already did in the past, but you must have completed all steps before moving on to the advanced level.

    3 minutes affect
    the electromagnetic field,
    the circulation,
    and the stability of the blood

    After a daily practice for 40 days,
    any negative habits that block you from the expansion a yoga kriya makes possible,
    will be broken.

    A transformational example is Jesus, who went for 40 days into the desert, experienced worldly temptations and after resisting them came back transformed.

    Without breaking the routine yet, extend your daily practice to 90 days.
    This is difficult, so to give yourself an incentive, by adding one more minute every week until you reached 10 minutes.
    But even if you stuck to the minimal 3 minutes daily only, you can claim The Hermit
    for being able to withdraw into your own world by meditating daily.

    A daily practice over 90 days
    will establish a new habit in your conscious and subconscious minds.
    It will change you in a very deep way.

    People who already can practice longer times, instead of skipping this step should dedicate 3 minutes out of their normal meditation time to a total focussed state of mind.
    (Simply set a second alarm 3 minutes before the end of your meditation and instead of “sitting out” the last minutes impatiently, doing them in an earnest way, which might bring a surprising addition of insights).

    Between 50 to 90 days is where I failed most times so far.
    Assuming that you also will fail some steps a few times on this road,
    don’t gloss over it in denial,
    but restart the entire step from scratch again, because you must prove to yourself that you are up to it.
    Believe me, it makes a huge difference, because subconsciously each cheat is nagging on your sense of accomplishment.

    I once did restart the entire 120 days of 31 minutes, only because I failed on day 119 (I am not exaggerating: I really had a crisis).
    If you failed, you didn’t loose, because
    Honesty to yourself will build your sincerity!

    As an additional consolations prize, for each time you failed,
    you can take one of the 8 cards of the beginner’s course:

    This way even failures are turned into a success of building up your personal collection.

    Still don’t take a breake yet!
    After you did spend so much effort it would be a shame to stop now, because it is quite easy  to complete the last month and turn the 90 days into 120 days.
    You only have to do 3 minutes on bad days, and can do up to 10 minutes on good ones. Don’t do it for more than 10 minutes, because else the kriya can bring up so much that you may throw in the towel.

    You can feel fortunate for being able to sit now up to 10 minutes,
    because you earned the card #10: Fortune, or Wheel of Fortune

    A daily practice for 120 days will confirm the new habit of consciousness created; and its positive benefits get integrated permanently into your psyche.

    Now take a break and do whatever you want.

    Before moving on, best is to choose a continuing date, which is of symbolic value to you
    (such as a new moon, birthday or new years eve for example).

    First of all this gives you inner strength to go with the flow, and secondly it serves well for you to remember the beginning of your meditation-practice.

    (I needed an entire year for those steps above, because I failed at the critical half-time of 60 days twice and each time had to restart it from the beginning).

    11 minutes begin to change the nerves and the glandular system

    Now go straight for the difficult 90 days of 11 minutes and meanwhile slowly build it up to 21 minutes. By proving that you have the Strength to do so,
    you will get the card 11.

    Most people can do 11 minutes easily, so they may be impatient to move on to a higher level straight away, but I urge you to do step after step, because you first have to consolidate this level firmly.

    Instead of pushing yourself, rather enjoy the freedom you still have, because later it will get very difficult.
    Also: by collecting each card you gain a sense for accomplishment and therewith confidence.

    This step is easy again:
    Withouth taking a break from the exercise before, simply continue the 11-21 minutes for one more month, until you reached 120 days.

    For completion of those, you get The Hanged Man
    , because you now start to “hang” up your ego bits by bits.

    That’s why I tell suicidal people:
    “Go for it!
    But instead of killing your body,
    kill your ego!
    This way you will literally kill two birds with one stone: 1. gain a new life now and
    2. loose fear of death also.

    And this, again, is the reason for you not doing more than those recommended times, because doing too much too early can throw you into a heavy crisis!

    (Just read my bio here, in which I post my epic downfall due to a too early deconstruction of my ego.)

    Just for your comparison:
    Because I did fail again, 1-3 times, those two above steps took me yet another year to complete.
    So enjoy a break from your self-development now, because you have earned it!

    22 minutes balance the three minds (positive, negative, and neutral) and they begin to work together.

    Since you now know the drill, now, simply skip the 40&90 days, and go straight for 120 days of 22minutes, whilst building it up to half an hour.

    Whenever you start a long period there is a hesitation, so the beginning is the most difficult time. The mind plays tricks and tells us that after half a week “just 3,4 days are lost” when taking a break. To get through that point is difficult.

    For doubling up your meditation time and your efforts to do 120 days straight, you get the saturnic (duty) card, Death (of false energies).

    Now you can take a well deserved break again and enjoy your free time without having to meditate and confronting your self!

    I actually did not know of this step at the time,
    so after a 4 months-walk, I restarted, in order to do a 1000 days continuing to build up from that level onwards.

    31 minutes allow the glands, breath, and concentration to affect all the cells and rhythms of the body. It lets the psyche of the meditation affect the tattwas (elements) and all layers of the mind’s projections.

    Now do 120 days of 31 minutes – this seems a lot, but as you probably did experience yourself: Each step is equally difficult, because it is new.
    However – up to this step many people have done it, so you can too.
    Meanwhile you can build it up every 4 days by one minute, until you can do around an hour. For having had the stamina to complete the intermediate course, you get the Card: Art, or Temperance

    Congratulations – you now completed the intermediate course – the level where most people are stuck at!

    In your time you can move on to the advanced course, but first enjoy a proper break, because the times of pure contemplation often yield the most interesting results.

    This step took me 1-1.5 years because in between I walked along the Danube for 4 months.

    If you already can do half an hour daily, please leave a comment here or mail me and I will instantly post the advanced course.

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    Die Mittelstufe des Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Kurses 

    Die “mittelmässigen” Schritte …

    … sind for diejenigen gedacht, die schon SCK praktizieren können, aber kamen, um Klarheit, Affirmationen und Inspirationen zu finden.

    Um Dich einzuschwingen solltest Du alle vorherigen 9 Anfängerkarten zunächst sammeln.
    Während das einen Anfänger 7 Monate dauern kan, kannst Du jede Karte in einem Tag einsammen, wenn Du schon täglich praktizierst.

    Verstehe, dass es hier um das Langzeitvermögen geht, und nicht um schnellen Fortschritt.

    Wie im Bodybuilding geht es nicht darum gleich große Gewichte zu heben, sondern immer wieder etwas mehr zu schaffen, als mal zuvor gemacht hat, denn das bilded Musken ohne sie zu zerren.

    Gaube mir: Ich habe 20 Jahre lang versucht mich auf die höchste Stufe zu zwingen, nur um dann miserabel um so tiefer gefallen zu sein. Ich erspare Dir also Jahrzehnte an viel Leid, wenn Du meiner unorthodoxen Empfehlung hier folgst.

    Jemand der schon 5 mal wöchentlich 20 Miniuten schafft, kann z. Bsiepiel anstatt den Tagen an denen er nichts tut, nur 3 Minuten machen, um damit die erste Stufe erreicht zu haben.

    Als Daumenregel gilt: Sammle jeweils nur die Karte Deiner kleinsten Meditationszeit ein, also wenn Du während einer Meditationsperiode einmal nur 3 Minuten gemacht hast, dann hole Dir die 3 Minuten Karte, und nicht die höhere.

    Und wenn Du zum Beispiel schon 73 Tage zwischen 3 und 15 Minuten täglich gemacht hast,
    * dann hast Du schon die 40 Tage für die Karte 8 gemacht,
    * brauchst nur noch 27 Tage für Karte 9,
    * und hast die Karte 10 in 57 Tagen geschafft.

    Ich weiss, dass man Anfangs schnell vorwärts kommen will – ich selbst hatte damals innerhalb von 2 Wochen 2,5 Stunden erreicht und konnte die für 50-60 Tage lange machen.
    Das Problem war, dass Y.B. mich nicht gewarnt hatte, und ich deswegen ganz aufgegeben hatte. Hätte mir Jemand gesagt, dass ich das Recht habe, eine Weile lange nur 3 Minuten zu machen, hätte ich weiter praktiziert.
    Also behalte Dir das Recht vor jederzeit auf das Minimum von 3,11,22,oder 31 Minuten zurück zu fallen, und ansonsten die Empfehlungszeiten des Kurses durch zu machen.

    Der Schlüssel hier ist Geduld und Vervollständigung aller Schritte – möglichst in aufsteigender Reihenfolge.

    Wenn Du von Deinem karmischen Leiden genug hattest, und es für Dich an der Zeit ist, den Schleim Deiner weltlichen Verstrickungen aufzulösen, dann kannst Du den schnellen Pfad gehen, indem Du 1000 Tage SCK, gefolgt von einer tibetischen Klausur von 3 Jahren, Monaten, Wochen und Tagen eines Zehnt des Tages machst (was bei Sikhs “Dasvand” heisst).

    Diese 7 Jahre reflektieren einen ganzen kabbalistischen Zyklus, in dem Du durch alle Persönlichkeitsaspekte Aspekte gegangen sein wirst:
    1. Jahr: Sonne (Persönlichkeit), 2. Jahr Mond (Emotionen), 3. Jahr Mars (Energie), 4. Jahr Merkur (Kommunikation), 5. Jahr Jupiter (Spiritualität), 6. Jahr Venus (Liebe), und 7. Jahr Saturn (Pflichterfüllung).

    Wenn Du an die Kabbalah nicht glaubst, dann wisse, dass unsere Wochentage genau nach diesem Schema ablaufen, was übrigens der 7-Tage Schöpfungsgeschichte der Genesis entspricht.

    Du magst glauben, dass Du nicht fähig wärst das zu machen (so dass Dein Geist Dich veräppelt zu denken, dass Du das nicht tun wolltest), aber es ist leichter als Du denkst, denn der Trick ist nach jedem Schritt Pausen zu machen, um für Deine andere Persönlichkeitsaspekten Raum zu machen, die auch Aufmerksamkeit fordern.

    Wenn Du also den Anfänger Kurs gemacht hast, gönne Dir eine Pause, bis Du bereit bist, weiter zu machen.
    Die einzigen Schritte zwischen denen Du keine Pause machen solltest sind die ersten drei 3-Minuten-Schritte, die insgesamt 120 Tage machen,
    sowohl als auch die nächsten Zwei 11-Minuten Schritte, die in Einem gemacht werden sollten.

    Um den langsamen Pfad des Anfängerkurses zu verschnellern habe ich eine Methode entwickelt, all die Schritte zu sammeln, die Yogi Bhajan über Meditationszeiten gelehrt hat, und diese wie ein Zahnenkranz zu arretieren.

    Wenn Du die jeweils 40, 90, oder 120 Tage jeder Stufe gemacht hast, wirst Du diese in Deiner Persönlichkeit verankert haben und fähig sein dort weiter zu machen, wo Du aufgehört hast . Selbst wenn Du eine lange Pause hattest wird nichts verloren gehen.

    Lass uns mit einem einfachen Schritt anfangen:
    Mache 40 Tage lang nur 3 Minuten SCK, und Du wirst die Karte: (Selbst-)Regulierung oder Die Gerechtigkeit bekommen.

    Jeder kannn das machen – selbst wenn Du den ganzen Tag lang nicht dazu gekommen bist zu meditieren kannst Du diese kurze Zeit noch schnell machen.

    3 Minuten der Yoga-meditation beeinflussen das elektromagnetische Feld,
    die Zirkulation;
    und die Stabilität des Blutes.

    Nach einer täglichen Praxis von 40 Tagen können negative Angewohnheiten, die Dich von der Erweiterung der Yoga Übung zurückhalten, aufgelöst werden.

    Ein Transformationsbeispiel dafür ist Jesus, der 40 Tage lang in die Wüste ging, weltliche Versuchungen verspürte, und nachdem er diesen widerstanden hat als transformierter Mensch zurück kam.

    Ohne diese Routine zu unterbrechen, erweitere Deine tägliche Praxis auf 90 Tage

    Das ist schwer, weshalb
    Du Dir den Anreiz geben kannst, jede Woche eine Minute mehr zu machen, bis Du 10 Minuten geschafft hast.

    Du kannst dann die Karte Der Eremit dafür bekommen, dass Du fähig bist, Dich beim Meditieren in Deine eigene Welt zurück zu ziehen.

    90 Tage täglich zu praktizieren wird eine neue Gewohnheit in Dein Bewusstsein und Unterbewusstsein integrieren.
    Das wird dich auf eine sehr tiefe Art und Weise ändern.

    Leute, die schon länger meditieren können, sollten, anstatt diesen Schritt zu überspringen die letzten drei Minuten ihrer Praxis einem totalen Fokus widmen.
    (Benutze dazu einen zweiten Alarm, der 3 Minuten vor Deinem geplanten ende ertönt, denn anstatt Deine Normalzeit am Schluß in Ungeduld “abzusitzen” kannst Du aus einer kurzen ernsten und aufrichtigen Zeit noch viel mehr an Erkenntnissen rausholen.

    Mache jetzt immer noch keine Pause!

    Nachdem Du so Viel investiert hast, wäre es schade jetzt aufzuhören, denn es ist ziemlich leicht noch den letzten Monat zu machen, um die 90 Tage in 120 zu verwandeln.

    Alles, was Du tun musst, ist an schlechten Tagen 3, und an guten 10 Minuten zu machen.

    Übe noch nicht länger als 10 Minuten, denn dieses Kriya (diese Übung) kann ansonsten so viel Unterbewusstes hoch bringen, dass Du das Handtuch schmeissen könntest.

    Dafür, dass Du jetzt bis zu 10 Minuten sitzen kannst, bekommst Du die Karte #10 Glück, oder Das Rad des Schicksals

    Eine tägliche Praxis über 120 Tage wird Deine neue erschaffenes Bewusstsein konsolidieren, und die positiven Vorteile werden permanent in Deiner Psyche verankert.

    Jetzt nehme dir eine Auszeit und mache was immer Du willst.

    Bevor Du weiter fortfährst ist es gut, wenn Du Dir ein symbolisches Datum auswählst, (wie z.Bsp ein Geburtstag, Neumond oder Neujahresanfang).

    Das gibt Dir erstens innere Kraft, und zweitens kannst Du Dich dann später besser an Deinen Meditationsanfang erinnern.

    (Ich habe ein ganzes Jahr für die obigen Schritte benötigt, weil ich zweimal bei den kritischen 60 Tagen versagt hatte, und dann nochmals ganz von vorne anfangen musste.)

    11 Minuten fangen an die Nerven und Dein Drüsensystem zu verändern.

    Jetzt mache gleich am Stück die schwierigen 90 Tage der 11 Minuten und baue inzwischen Deine Meditationszeit bis auf 21 Minuten auf.

    Indem Du Dir beweisst, dass Du Die Kraft hast, das zu machen, bekommst Du die Karte gleichen Namens.

    xDie Meisten können 11 Minuten leicht machen, weshalb sie ungeduldig diesen Schritt überspringen wollen, aber ich empfehle strengstens diesen Schritt zu machen, um Deine Praxis zu verfestigen!

    Jedes Haus braucht ein gutes Fundament, um später solide stehen zu können.

    Anstatt Dich jetzt selbst zu drängen, genieße lieber die Freiheit, die Du jetzt noch hast, denn später wird es sehr schwer werden.
    Außerdem bekommst Du beim Sammeln dieser Karte ein Gefühl der Verfollständigung und damit auch eine Selbstsicherheit.

    Dieser Schritt ist wieder leicht:
    Fahre einfach ohne Pause zum vorherigen Schritt Deine 11-21 Minuten einen weiteren Monat fort, bis Du die 120 Tage zusammen hast.

    Für die Vervollständigung dieser Stufe bekommst Du Der Gehängte
    , weil Du jetzt anfängst Dein Ego Stück für Stück zu erhängen.

    Deswegen sage ich zu Selbstmordgefärdeten: Tu es!
    Aber anstatt Deinen Körper umzubringen , töte Dein Ego!
    Auf diese Art schlägst Du sprichwörtlich zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe:
    1. bekommst Du jetzt ein neues Leben, und
    2. verlierst Du auf diese Art auch die Angst vor dem Tod, weil Du über ihn hinaus Deine Seele veredelt hast.

    Und das ist auch ein Grund, warum Du nicht mehr als in jeder Stufe angesagt meditieren sollst, denn ansonsten kann Dich SCK in eine tiefe Krise stürzen!

    Nur für Deinen Vergleich: Weil ich erneut ein bis dreimal versagte habe ich diese zwei obigen Schritte mehrmals neu gemacht, so dass das mich mindestens ein Jahr gedauert hat bis ich es geschafft hatte.
    Genieße also danach eine Pause von Deiner Persönlichkeitsarbeit, denn Du hast Sie verdient!

    22 Minuten balancieren die drei Geisteszustände (den positiven, negativen, and neutralen), so dass sie anfangen zusammen zu arbeiten.

    Da Du inzwischen das Muster erkennst, können wir ab jetzt die 40&90 Tages-stufen überspringen und gleich 120 Tage von 22 Minuten machen, während Du langsam auf eine halbe Stunde aufbaust.

    Wann immer man eine lange Phase wie diese 4 Monate anfängt, dann zögert man, weshalb es am Schwierigsten ist, anzufangen.

    Zudem spielt uns unser Intellekt Streiche, indem er nach einer halben Woche sagt: “nur 3-4 Tage sind verloren, wenn ich jetzt nochmal aufhöre”.
    Diesen Punkt zu überwinden ist auch schwierig.

    Dafür, dass Du Deine Meditations-zeit verdoppelt hast, und die 120 days in einem Zug durchziehst, hast Du Dir die saturnische (Pflichterfüllungs)Karte Der Tod verdient, die den Tod von falschen Energien und Unaus.

    Du kannst jetzt wieder eine wohlverdiente Pause nehmen und die freie Zeit ohne Meditation und Selbstfindung genießen!

    Derzeit wusste ich übrigens noch gar nichts von dieser Stufe und habe die deswegen nachdem ich schon 1-2 Schritte weiter war nachgeholt.

    31 Minuten erlauben den Drüsen, dem Atem, und der Konzentration alle Zellen und Rythmen des Körpers zu beeinflussen.
    Dann wird die Psyche der Meditation die Tattwas (Elemente) und alle Schichten der Geistesprojektionen beeinflussen.

    Mache jetzt 120 Tage lang 31 Minuten.
    Das scheint viel zu sein, aber wie Du inzwischen vielleicht schon selbst erfahren hast:
    Jeder Schritt ist gleich schwer, weil er neu ist.

    Wie dem auch sei, bis zu diesem Schritt haben es viele erreicht, also wirst Du das auch können.

    Währenddessen kannst Du (nur falls Du Dich stark fühlst) alle 4 Tage eine Minute mehr machen bis Du ungefähr eine Stunde schaffst.

    Dafür, dass Du das Durchhaltevermögen dafür aufgebracht hast, bekommst Du die Karte “Kunst”, oder Die Mäßigkeit (die es ja braucht, um solch eine lange Zeit durchzuhalten).

    Gratuliere – Du hast jetzt die Mittelstufe durchgangen, an der die Meisten hängen bleiben!

    Wann immer es Dir passt kannst Du zum fortgeschrittenen Kurs weiter gehen, aber genieße erst eine gute Pause, denn die Zeiten reiner Kontemplation bringen oft die interessantesten Resultate.

    Der letzte Schritt hat für mich 1-1,5 Jahre gedauert, weil ich zwischen drin 4 Monate lang die Donau entlang gewandert bin.

    Falls Jemand all diese Schritte schon getan hat oder schon einige Zeit mindestens eine halbe Stunde täglich meditieren kann,
    oder schon länger als 5 Jahre SCK macht, dann hinterlasse hier bitte einen Kommentar oder kontaktiere mich, damit ich den fortgeschrittenen Kurs hier einstelle.

    Und wer etwas an die Gemeinschaft zurück geben will,
    möge hier seine Erfahrungen mit uns Allen teilen, um Anderen zu helfen.

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    More Self-Aware, Less Social? 

    Jen puts here into great words what I just experienced:

    I am on the longterm meditation Sodarshan Chakra Kriya project/experiment which does make me more and more reclusive, except for this wordpress blog where I release all my insights and self-reflections; plus a handful of mail contacts.

    Last month I did reactivate an old twittter account, and soon became involved in a frenzy of rather meaningless smalltalk;
    until one small misunderstanding did suck me into a spiral of a witch-hunt, I only could get out of by closing my account.

    I also watched “The great hack” and realised that social media nowadays is overrun by bots who instigate hate in order to influence world-politics to that extend that entire countries are shaped.

    The problem is the anonymity which does bring out the worst in people under the illusion not to be seen,
    whilst in fact everything is analysed to build profiles,
    which then are used malevolently.

    Smartphones (apart from being spied upon every location and word we exchange)
    are a tool to escape society in contempt for humanity,
    whilst jumping from the fire of irl interactions into the frying pan of superficial ego-polishing at the expense of sincerity.


    One evening, when I was walking for 4 months from Germany to Bulgaria, only with my backpack and a tent;
    a Bulgarian put me up at his place only to sit in front of F***book for the rest of his evening;
    instead of having used the opportunity to hear the adventures of my hike, or the differences of our cultures.

    In the 70s there was a great political awareness; but since then it developed into Orwell’s “1984”, or the Carpenter movie “they live”, where people see the world merely through their distorted glasses of consumerism.


    Since self-development is such a slow path,
    and people become very aggressive when asked to question their luxury lifestyle,
    the best we can do is to work on ourselves with dedication and persistence to become as calm and content as possible when the shit hits the fan.

    Jen's Life

    I’m just curious to see how many people can relate with this.

    But first…

    When I started this blog, it was the beginning of a phase that lasted almost 2 years. I can only describe this phase as “falling down the rabbit hole”. I really did feel like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I had no idea what was happening to me. All I can say is that my reality became something foreign, confusing and scary. When I read a lot of my posts during this time, I realized just how distorted my mindset was, from the feeling of needing to be homeless to misinterpreting the true nature of spirituality in order to validate my laziness. I did write a lot of pretty good stuff (mostly on stoicism), but wow, I was definitely lost in Wonderland.

    So, even though I felt much confusion for a good duration of time, I…

    View original post 709 more words

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    Meditation games to counteract boredom 

    To bridge the gap I first offer a short explanation what Meditation is, and then give you some ideas for games which make it more fun to grow into it:

    Ok, so we have the two kinds of people: The ones who propagate meditation and the ones who hate it.

    The problem is that all Meditators convey is “do it”, which does not explain at all why we should sit around and ‘wait’ for the end.
    To a real down to earth person meditation must justified seem like a total stupid waste of time without any hard graspable effects.

    First of all, Meditation is not a mere waiting in the sense of sitting out the moment in order to ‘kill’ time.
    (If it would be possible to kill time, we wouldn’t get bored, would we?)

    Meditation is the process of putting a temporal fence around your monkey-mind or a round pen around your internal wild horse to calm it down.
    Many try to force their horse to sit still within that fence, but that makes meditation a killer.
    My first meditation teacher was such a guy and I ended dropping it altogether.

    Then a much more wise and gentle vietnamese Buddhist monk told me:
    “Simply let your mind run out, until it is exhausted and calms down itself”.

    But how can you let your fire-horse-mind calm down?

    By not putting oil into the flames of your constant flood of new ideas.
    For example, if you are sitting in meditation and think: “I have to go shopping afterwards”, then pit that thought into your own virtual patient waiting room and simply say: I deal with it later – “next please!”.

    I can give you an example how this doesn’t work, and then you know what not to do:
    If you want to quiet your mind and I tell you “don’t think of a pink elephant!”, what does come into your mind? Of course a pink elephant. So don’t fight against specific issues, but let everything fade out naturally.

    This, btw, is also the best way to deal with malevolent trolls: Don’t fight against them but as they say: “Don’t feed the trolls!”, (especially not the worst ones, which are the ones within your own mind.)

    There is a huge resistance in you not wanting to face the moment and that tricks you into solving worldly important issues, such as “if I have to go shopping later, what will my shopping list be?”. This is how you put oil into the flame

    A nice way is to remember your self-worth:
    That you are just having a few “Me-only”-minutes and shouldn’t spoil them with your shopping list.
    Remember: What is more important, the divine you or the shopping?
    The shopping should serve you, and not you the shopping list.

    Most people don’t treat themselves with the dignity they deserve, but do it for their lover. So simply remember: Would you treat someone you deeply love and only see for 15 minutes before flying of for the rest of the day with non-attention? And would you like to be treated this way? So give to your divine self what it deserves!

    As a rule of thumb for the length: Consider when you first learned and practiced meditation. From that day on add a virtual second to each next day, meaning after a year you should be able to meditate 6 minutes, after two years 12 minutes and after a decade it could be possible for you to meditate for an entire hour (but you don’t have to – rather do 15 minutes than none).
    (Of course you will have breaks in between, but this is a guidline, which time-length to get back to, once you stopped it for a while.)

    It is btw more effective to do every day 10 minutes than once a week 70 minutes, because your mind does not have to rest as your body does but needs daily vitamins of your medi.

    But then there still is the dreadful time-length 😮

    This is a bummer, because there is only so much patience, before your inner monkey gains consciousness again and starts rebelling.

    Ways to train your animal-mind to become patient, is to feed it intermittently with little rewards by honouring its limits.
    One reward is to know how much you did accomplish yet, so you can set yourself two timers: one for your fiery monkey, and one for your goal.

    Let’s say you have 5 minutes patience but want to train yourself up to 20 minutes, so what you do is to set yourself a timer for 20 minutes and one for 5 minutes. And then start them both simultaneously at the begin of your mediation.

    After 5 minutes the first alarm goes of and you may end your meditation then. And if you had a good day and were surprised about time flying by, then, sit a little bit longer, and as soon as you get impatient, quit and look at your second 20 minute timer to remember how many minutes you did manage to meditate altogether.

    If you found it easy 3 times in a row to do 5 minutes, then increase that timer to 6 minutes and see how things go from there. You get the picture.

    If you ask about what kind of meditation is best for you,
    simply choose the one you feel drawn to
    (whether it is because it is fun or because you respect it most).
    Over the years your approach will change automatically.

    The most important step in the beginning is only to put a foot into the door of spirituality.

    Another question is:
    Am I allowed to look at the timer to see how much suffering I still have ahead of myself?

    My recommendation is: Put that timer out of sight (like turning it around), because if it is in front of your eyes, as soon as you open them, you inevitably will have seen the remaining time, which you probably did not intent to.

    Then when you really want to know the time, first estimate how many minutes you did sit already, or how many you estimate to be left.
    This might take a while in itself but is a great exercise for your temporal intuition. Always estimate the time before looking at the clock, because this way you create your reality, else you get the feeling of leaving it up to fate.

    Initially you want to check often how much time passed,
    but there comes a time when you want to see it only as late as possible,
    because you learned, that if you looked to early, you only got frustrated about having so much time left to meditate.

    Another aspect is denial of this moment:

    It is amazing how many ways we come up with to suddenly make our minds busy – from calculating things, over worrying up to excited plans of the future. But ultimately you will realise that all those issues are prosponable and actually best to be solved straight after meditation, because you did prepare your mind to focus.

    So enjoy the time afterwards and simply hang around – it is usually the best time in which you get the most ideas and insights. And don’t let any non-meditator force you straight into immediate action, because you deserve your contemplation-time – just consider it to be a (most pleasant) part (and reward) of meditation.

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    OMG (Om, I, God) – the better half 

    The god-experiment part 2

    In part 1 I told you about the horizontal intellectual axis between
    Atheist / Agnostic <——————– vs —————–> orthodox Believer

    To explore the vertical intuitive Axis (which I will explain at the end),
    I seriously dedicated myself to the nebulous ‘divine’ (for 4 months now and ongoing)
    as described by an Iranian mystic of the 13th century;
    to explore the subject in the most global and versatile way possible:

    1. Putting god to a critical test from an Agnostic point of assuming nothing,
    2. following Gnosticism, which originated in Hellenistic Judaism
    3. inspired by an Islamic account of 9 months divine experience
    4. I used wisdoms I found in the Sikh ‘bible’ Siri Guru Granth Sahib,
    5. which is based on a combination of Hindu yoga techniques, such as prana yoga or Jalandhala Bhanda,
      implements a Bhakti tradition of worshipping the divine,
    6. and comes close to the Christian Jesus prayer,
    7. with a the Buddhist state of mind of non-attachment and exploring the absolute.

    I did this by the means of a yoga-prayer-meditation, called Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.
    Let’s first continue from part 1-3 on our journey through religions.

    4. the Eastern intuitive path

    The reason why ever more Westerners loose their faith in traditional religions and turn towards Eastern wisdoms, is that the Abrahamic religions lost their touch to spirituality and therewith merely offer the comfort of holding on to a straw of hope of being saved out of the misery of their suffering due to ignorance.

    In India there was never a need for such a power struggle, between one or many gods, because from the beginning,
    their broad range of believes, wisdoms and philosophies, allowed for thousands of deities, which do serve as manifestations of individual worship-needs or character trades, whilst above it all an unfathomable abstract higher intelligence called the OM was recognised .
    Since Westerners couldn’t grasp that versatility, the British did put all directions, which did tolerate and embrace each other, into the box of one religion they called Hinduism.

    Meanwhile in China:
    Around the 4th century BC Daoism emerged, which taught Yin & Yang, and with a rich wealth in non-religious understandings of the universe, such as the Tao Te Ching, the fortune telling principles of the universe I Ching (which goes back to 1000 BC), and the medical Texts Neijing and Nanjing which are the foundations of traditional Chinese Medicine.

    So Chinese culture proves that religion is not a necessity for our spiritual evolution.

    5. Mysticism vs faith

    Whilst in mainstream religions, the dogma of faith is usually a prerequisite of any bliss thereafter, the destruction of our intuitive faith, as described beforehand lead to secularisation, and its value being totally turned around:
    Before the Age of Reason, which ironically is called ‘Age of Enlightenment’; intuitive ‘knowledge’ did take predominance over objective rationality. Since then objectivity is taken as a guaranty for truth.

    Whilst this seems to be a progress, it came at a loss of the contact with our subconsciousness with detrimental effects:

    The marginalisation of faith into the realm a subjectivism, which is overwritten by objective science led to a twist of the terminologies “faith” and “knowledge“.
    Everything that we think to know by the means of science requires a believe in machines like micro- and telescopes, which we have to rely on for our knowledge of the micro- and macrocosm.

    You may have just skipped over that sentence, but hold on and think for a second: What do you really KNOW and what do you BELIEVE? You might be surprised.
    Nearly all scientific experiments (the ones which rely on machines), do require our belief in the accuracy of the correct display by those gadgets. So we believe in what our gadgets tell us, but don’t know our gut-feelings anymore.

    The conspiracy theory about a flat-earth is a perfect example of the subconscious fight of scientific knowledge vs own intuition.
    People lost contact with their own sense of reality , but also don’t trust the scientific dogmas anymore. So their egos rather create conspiracies, then admitting to themselves that they are simply lost and have to find new ways to reconnect to their self as well as to conduct science.

    Another example of the loss in intuition is our chronological interpretation of time, which first was propagated on the clocks of church-towers. Whilst the division of time is practical, useful and today essential;
    time, before clocks existed, did hot have today’s quantitative connotation, but was seen for its quality as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ time and allowed to for the spiritual virtue of being ‘in the here and now’.
    (Astrology, for example, is the science about the quality of time).

    You can make an experiment and listen to contemplative music whilst looking at the time display – and then hide the display and continue listening. You then can sense time differently.
    Here is a suitable song I once composed, which you can use for it:
    (best listen with headphones or base-speakers)
    Whilst it plays, keep moving your mouse over the video, then let go of your mouse and as the timeline disappears keep listening how the music affects you in a non-linear fashion. You can repeat this a few times over the duration of this song.

    The Chinese Buddhist Huangbo Xiang from the 8th century did sum the difference between intellectual and intuitive understanding of ‘the divine’, which he did call ‘the absolute’ up brilliantly:

    The substance of the absolute is inwardly, like wood or stone, in that it is motionless,
    and outwardly like the void, in that, it is without bounds or obstructions.

    It is neither subjective, nor objective, has no specific location, is formless and can not vanish.

    Those who hasten towards it, dare not enter, fearing to hurdle down through the void, with nothing to cling to, or to stay their fall,
    so they look to the brink in retreat.

    This refers to all those who seek such a goal through cognition.

    Thus – those who seek the goal through cognition are the many, [like hair on a cow]
    while those, who obtain intuitive knowledge of the way are the few. [like horns on a bull]

    And finally now I get to let you know how the non-intellectual mystical approach towards god did so far manifest for me:

    In the entire 2.5 hours I sat, on average I usually only managed to fully focus for one tiny minute on this unfathomable abstract of god, which Sikhs call “Waheguru”.

    First I clinged on focussing on the word “Waheguru”, and after 3 months, when my impatient refusal to focus on this (nearly annoying, because ungraspable) subject slowly dissipated, I started to be immersed in temporary fields of focus,
    and after 4 months I sometimes descended into a state of trance which goes down the rabbit hole in different layers:

    1. Visual:
      Random archetypal images sometimes pop up (something spiritual beginners know from taking hallucinogenic drugs, or non-drug takers know from when not having slept up to the point of being severely over-tired).
      But the difference is that those are the same effects without dissolving my self, meaning that I am not prone to fate, carrying me wherever my subconscious just floats.
    2. Kinaesthetic:
      Deeper is the level in which I sense my electromagnetic energy-field expanding. You can imagine this field like your aura getting bigger. This has some mystical quality beyond intellectual morality. A neutrality which can be described in a dark way like Dracula or the Lord of the Ring at night in a castle surrounded by dragons, or in a light way as the majestetic serenity of huge angels (who often in the bible had to greet people with ‘fear not!’).
    3. Auditory:
      Thinking “Waheguru” for me is usually like hearing it in my brain. Only once within 25 years, I literally heared it out of my belly, meaning that my consciousness was literally centered.
    4. My eyes start to focus automatically towards the tip of the nose, which made me realise that the mention in the description of the Kriya were not meant as an instruction but as a description of the effect it has.
    5. The grainy picture you see when you simply close your eyes also gave a sense of an energy field surrounding me, like being in the midst of the vast universe of stars – at times the part in front of my eyes became brighter, either grey, white or blueish.
    6. Then a state of bliss and majestic serenity, occurs –
      yet again it can be compared to the relaxing aspect of smoking weed, but without that stupefying and numbing part.
      After experiencing it, I understood why highly spiritual evolved people don’t want to destroy that by engaging with others, whether to impress, nor to argue with them.
    7. Once I gave up an issue, to be solved by ‘the divine’. And due to letting this go, and allowing for literal “in-spiration”, this universal energy-field started to flow into instead of out from me and I realised that the expanding of my own aura in the previous points still was attached to an egocentric perspective of the world.
      I then learned why ‘the ego’ is shunned as a hinderance on the spiritual path.
    8. Other effects I felt was for example that my face somehow is much older than my body (and I am talking lifetimes here, not years).
    9. Longterm effects are:
      that over the years it took me to build up this exercise, I seem to have matured by one year within one month, so it corrected many discrepancies in me, which you can see in many people who are partly great and partly like a child.
    10. Overall there comes a deeper intuitive understanding of people which leads in a preventive course-correction before they even realise that I was on the way to annoy them.

    Considering that those were fruits of just having been able to focus for one minute – imagine what can be possible to the ones who manage to focus throughout an entire session!

    The similarity between the drug and the mystical experiences made me aware that (illegal as well as legal) drugs are only needed by the rigid minds who cling to their books and rules.
    Think about it: The word “ad-diction” translates from Latin to “cling onto words”.
    In German addiction means “Sucht“, which translated back into English as “seeking”.
    So addictives actually often are people with a high spiritual potential who simply seek for something, their soul longs for, but society did not offer them yet.

    I got a glimpse that as soon as someone manages to totally open up oneself for all the Qi, Prana, or energy literally miracles may happen.

    However – the difficulty to accomplish that, is that we first have to ridden ourselves from any kind of egotistical self-definition, something I did work on for 25 years and just reach the brink of sensing that there is something beyond.

    And the dilemma is that once we do open ourselves up for the universe,
    all previously hidden worldly entanglements float in first.
    So don’t expect results for quite a while – it could be decades to work through it;

    But then again – at the same time, it only takes a minute of pure focus to really dive into a glimpse of an entire world which can be expected afterwards. The hearing ‘Waheguru’ from my belly was an experience within the very first month after just having accomplished to do the Kriya properly.

    Even though I never had this experience anymore, this glimpse of clarity did show me that I am on the right path, and kept me going for more the remaining time of my life.

    So my conclusion is that you can’t actively force to find god,
    you can only allow the divine to flow right through you.

    Is obvious to us that a group works best, if some small part does not take on a life of its own – whether it is a member of a community or some cells in your body. So the first step to empty oneself for the overall energy flowing in, out and through.
    But that does by no means that you shan’t have the ambitions to be special, because every organ is unique and even must be it.
    To bring this contradiction (of allowing to merge with the absolute versus living out your own life) together,
    think of each organ needing the blood which flows through the entire body, whilst at the same time has to fulfil its own, and only its very own function – not the one of anyone else.

    As promised, I close this article by telling you the difference between the intellectual horizontal,
    and the intuitive vertical axis: If you take the A from ‘Agonisticism’, and the ‘v’ from ‘Believer’ as Arrows, to turn the axis like a dial clockwise, you end up with a new axis, …

    Agnostic <———————- vs ———————-> orthodox Believer

    … a second axis, which is not believers against non-believers anymore, but “experiencers” vs people who in latin are ‘at the word‘ (of their bibles) {as mentioned above = “ad-dicts”}.


    AGNOSTIC <—————————-||————————-> GOD (Believe)


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      I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to read this article. I don’t know how to describe how I feel now. It is like some expansion within. Thank you, dear Thilo.

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        … and you don’t know how grateful I am for your responses.
        (Especially, since they are the only ones which came – to my own surprise)


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    OMG (Om, I, God) 

    The god-experiment

    From birth on we are conditioned into belief systems and believe to knowthe ultimate truth“, assuming that all generations beforehand were fools. Yet the fact is that believes did change throughout history, so much even, that they did turn around not only by 180°, but that even multiple times.

    Most humans do get their own beliefs strengthened when being affirmed by others.
    In one way this is good, because fine-tuning ones own beliefs protects us from becoming deranged;
    on the other hand, however, this often leads to believers wanting to strengthen their community by proselytising others, which in the end leads to an ever growing emotional resistance from either members of another faith or atheists.

    This article deals with the horizontal Axis of
    Atheists < ————————- vs ———————> Believers in a personified God

    and therewith is a crossover post of two other series:
    1.) It is part 5 of the series: Keys to understanding the universe and connects straight to part 2: up, down, left and right,
    2.) And it is a continuation on the series about Religion.

    Instead of joining the countless, endless and useless ping-pong games of throwing back and forth individual opinions;
    I decided to approach this subject in a scientific way,
    starting from an agnostic point of not knowing whether god exists, and not accepting the circular reasoning of referring to a single religious book, in order not to favour any direction.

    In this article you will find an intellectual exploration of the evolution of monotheism,
    and in order to look at the issues from all angles,
    and in the next article I will deal with the intuitive part of the divne,
    and will observe the vertical axis between material vs spiritual consciousness .

    It took me an entire year to find an objective approach for this subjective matter.

    1.) the oneness in the womb.

    a.) The internal (esoteric) view correlating to the nervous system

    The history of religion shows that the first indices of religion were burial sites, which are an homage to “mother earth” and the internal self.

    There was Eru, the one are the first words of Tolkien’s the Silmarillion – the book which introduces the entire mythology of the Lord of the Rings.
    In the womb, initially everything is one,
    because there is no separation from the external world and the self.
    Bible: Genesis 1:2: “the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters“.

    “Man was created from clay”

    A shared view amongst Greek, Sumerian, Egyption, Hindu, Norse, Native American, African mythologies and contemporary superhero stories, such as Wonder Woman.

    b.) The external (exoteric) view

    Correlating to amniotic fluid is the scientific theory of the Soviet biologist Alexander Oparin from 1924 who proposed the theory of the primordial chemical carbon- based solution, which was triggered by an external energy source to form life.

    So human kind’s very first experience which shaped our deep instinct, is that there is a oneness which is larger than our body-self-perception.

    2.) The Sun

    After birth the senses, such as the eyes and ears evolve.

    Genesis 1:3 “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”
    John 1:3 “In the beginning was the Word”

    Two Bible-quotes shared by all 3 abrahamic religions: Jews, Christians, and Muslims

    The first impression usually is the strongest, so it is no surprise that when the first external influence enters our life it replaces our previous but undefined sense of self with an appreciation for the first reference point in our lifes.
    You only can define a size if you have at least two reference points, so whilst life in the womb was totally holistic, now came the time when we started to be able to perceive ourselves.

    Brahma: “let me have a self”


    The most predominant external energy source to the earth obviously is the sun. This is how the atheistic as well as the religious views come together:

    Ancient enlightened Indians, called Rishis, did since a long time perceive the influence of the sun. When western people still were savages, they already knew that the sun was the source of the light of the moon, and the Sanskrit language already had time units which range from durations as small as the duration of light rays up to the vastness of the age of our universe.

    From there the teachings spread on one hand to Egypt in the form of the Sungod Ra

    Ra – Egyptian Fifth Dynasty (2494 to 2345 BCE) 

    … to the Iranian Zoreaster (also known as Zarathustra) – the founder of Zoroastrianism, a monotheistic religion from the 6th century BCE.

    Fare-e-Kiani is a symbol which represent a guardian angel called Fravashi

    … which obviously has some links to Egyptian symbology

    Around 2000 BC (long before the Christian cross existed), sun crosses emerged in Europe, during the Neolithic to Bronze Age periods.

    In the foremost sun-cross you can see how this evolved into the astrological sun symbol ☉

    Astrology btw is not the superficial future-telling pseudoscience it is made out to be in woman’s magazines, but the reflection of the elaborate ancient greek descriptions of the human personality by the means of deities, such as Mars for warlike energies or Venus for love.

    astrological symbol of the sun ^

    This 3 minute video shows that there was such a vast knowledge about astronomy,
    that many are convinced that higher evolved civilisations were in contact with ours.

    Regardless of whether those were aliens or humans: the existence of so much ancient knowledge does marginalise the version of a unique creator god to a mere option only.

    So how did humankind jump from a profound understanding of the universe to a version of “the one and only” god?

    3. The western personification of god

    The main reason why atheists cringe at the word “god” is because of the attached dogma of one being a ‘sinner’ who only is saved by salvation of a higher authority one has to belief in and be subservient to.
    This dogma, however is by no means as ancient as we are made to believe.

    My personal view is that planet earth, like our body,
    has a conscious and subconscious part,
    the former correlating to the north-west and the latter to the south-east.
    So whilst the East did approach this subject by subscribing to intuitive experiences of wise people;
    in the West, intellectual dogmata became predominant:

    This is maybe why spirituality intuitively was understood in the South-East, whilst in the North-West it had to undergo a myriad of god concepts and misunderstandings.

    The decline of Western strength and intuition

    In the past, westerners also intuitive knew what was right and wrong.
    They feared not to act upon their values, and their faith of the afterlife, which was as strong as knowledge made them not fear of death.

    Old western religions initially had a very good intuition for gender roles, the place of when to use female yin and male yang, and a clear sense for justice.

    Our natural intuition was forcefully replaced by the means of religious wars with the dogma of one personified higher force, designed to cultivate an obedience towards authoritative institutions in order to guarantee devotees.

    Up to this day witchcraft, magic and paganism are shunned by Christianity and Islam, and western spirituality is marginalised into the corner of occultism – a word, which to mainstreamers equals ‘darkness’, whilst the true meaning of the word means ‘hidden’ (as you can see in the medical term ‘occult blood‘.

    The western spiritual traditions and secret orders:

    Since occultism nowadays is marginalised into secrecy,
    here is a 1-paragraph-summary of this incredible vast subject:

    Most Western paths stem from the tradition of the believe in the sun as mentioned above, which was re-cultivated by the pharao Akhenaten – as the name implies “the prayer to the sun (Athon).

    From here many mystery schools, such as the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, emerged,
    and out of them mixtures, such as the Ordo Templis Orientis arouse,
    which bright spirits, such as Rudolf Steiner, but also dubious ones, such as the black magician Alestair Crowley, or the founder of Scientology Ron Hubbard were members of.
    Helena Blavatski together with Steiner created a synthesis of Eastern and Western knowledge, the Theosophic society.

    My personal experiences:
    The most spiritual orders are A.M.O.R.C and the Servants of the light,
    And people who don’t like orders may read Steiner, who held very unique speeches about spirituality.

    Freemasonry with its men-only-policy is antiquated,
    and it’s old boys network ethically dubious for distorting fair chances for non members by giving theirs significant advantages.
    Crowley (who was very spiritual advanced and versatile) and Hubbard, both unfortunately descended into egotism – Scientology’s book ‘Dianetics‘ is nothing more than a fashionable conglomeration of OTO-knowledge.

    The question now is why and how the occult holistic understanding of a monotheism, directed at the sun was turned towards a personified god.

    The following 25 minute video excerpt explains how mankind’s planetary wisdom was perverted into a humanised version of a creator god:

    Due to our contemporary subscription to merely worldly values, people nowadays are afraid to loose material values, such as their possessions or their body – both values which are limited to this life only.

    The fear of death did evolve into society which at first seems to protect the weak,
    but in the longterm is full of pathological norms which allow for devious but spineless lawyers, politicians, and business people to dominate strong and authentic warriors.

    True male powers, such as a courage to stand up for ones’ opinion today are replaced with cowardice hiding behind political correctness, female virtues such as poise, dignity or serenity are channeled into a destructive feminism, which is more concerned in copying and accusing men, than to shine as a true woman, and our access to god(s) is degraded into empty rituals performed by self-declared authorities.

    To finish part 1, I leave you with a fascinating rarely known Western version of human evolution:

    part 2 can be found here>

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      This is a stunning, orginal, mindblowing article. I am in awe of your grasp of spirituality , right form its origins and the evolution of Abrahamic religions. Thank you for educating me.

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      • sitting bull 0:46 on 2019-08-29 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you, dear JV, I hope you see my reply.

        I was literally waiting for you to read this article, since you are my most faithful and advanced reader with whom I feel to currently have the strongest connection.

        Especially when only few do read my articles, your comments totally change the climate for me.


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    An autobiographical research into of the evolution of our soul 

    An attempt to figure out the way the mind evolves throughout our karmic biography

    versus the means of reflection, contemplation and meditation.

    Our entanglement in life is unfathomable, which leads us to the believe that there must be some higher force or reason behind all of it.
    Without wanting to dismiss anyones believe in higher powers, one thing for me is certain – I have the right to understand myself by myself,
    so instead of putting my head into the sand of ignorant fatalism, I want to start a very personal research into the twists of the human mind by using my life as an example.

    I don’t do this because I do consider my life as more important than anyone elses’, but for the simple reason that it is the only one I fully have access to – at least to the extend that I still remember all those events which were not suppressed into the realm of forgetfulness by my resisting ego.

    This timing is right, because I just started a 3 year long inner journey to literally re-search for my higher, true or divine soul by the means of Yoga-meditation which will bring a lot of autobiographical stuff up, before insights come.

    So I herewith will open myself up totally; by writing down all experiences which did have a lasting impact on me – regardless of their political correctness or how they make me look like.

    What is needed in this time of dishonest Kali-Yuga-masquerade for the sake of preserving an image to impress the shallow minded ones currently in power; is someone who reclaims honesty in the superficial social-network-farce by opening up in an honest way in order to break the story of the emperor’s new clothes. And since I have nothing to loose, I make the first step here; in the hope to inspire others to loose their fear of being authentic.

    Whilst most people like stories of inspirations in order to be uplifted, this series might put of those who merely look for the bright side of life without wanting to look at the entire picture.
    I observed this already, as some advocates of the (in itself still shallow) mere”wellness-and-health-food-spirituality“, or of the other extreme of a “mere faith in an authoritarian god figure who will rescue us all” stopped reading this blog or replying to mails.
    Those usually were people who were looking for inspriations (in from the outside) without wanting to include the saturnic (duty) aspects of (self claimed) “@spirations”.

    Those people will resort to autobiographies of people who made it to the top of our society.
    But this – in opposition to Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” will be an “Autobiography of a looser” – a chronology of an epic downfall, but therefore the display of lessons of in non-attachment through literal dis-appointments -> unfulfilled appointments, my naive mind made in blind hope with reality.

    As a future disclaimer – I want to add that most of my life-deviations will turn out to have become valuable lessons
    – first on a lower consciousness in form of at times cynical consequences,
    – then as a “street-wisdom” or a “wisdom of age“, which as we know is less “wisdom” but often sadly only limited to distrustful strategic lessons,
    – and later guided by my meditative higher mind to some forms of more loving and compassionate world-views which allow for the existence of an Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (which Gene Roddenberry’s Vulcans did cherish).

    So whenever you can’t relate to one point or another, I can assure you that most of what I am about to write will be explained later.
    The only reason why I won’t explain my misconceptions straight away is in order to let the reader walk with me through an experience – something which would not happen if you knew the outcome (for the same reasons no one likes movie-spoilers).

    Because memories will not all come up in chronological order, I will categorise my autobiography in the blog here under a “bio(graphy)” menu points, like:
    +>my 20s (, 30s, 40s, etc..)
    +> my yin and yang sides
    +> different issues (such as #family, #men, #women, etc)
    +> lower and higher mind insights …
    so that you may pick out the parts which you can relate to.

    • JV Avadhanulu 5:14 on 2019-05-01 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you, dear Thilo, for your courage to share your life and your deepest leranings with us. I don’t agree that you are a loser and you may like to reconsider attaching that label to yourself.
      Wish you all the best


      • sitting bull 10:31 on 2019-05-01 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for your compassionate response, JV,
        with this upcoming series I just want to convey to people how despite best of wished ones life can go down the drain,
        and then how to pick it up afterwards again and about the difficulties on the path.


  • sitting bull 23:31 on 2019-04-28 Permalink | Reply  

    1000 days of 2.5 hours of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya 

    For literally 25 years I did build up the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, because Yogi Bhajan promised:

    1. it to be the highest Kriya (exercise) of all types of Yoga;
    2. it would give one a new start;
    3. it would cut through all darkness and barriers of the neurotic or psychotic nature, by giving one the vitality and intuition to combat negative effects of the subconscious mind;
    4. it would work when no exterior techniques from the outside work;
    5. and it would work at any time and in any space.

    Since there are spiritual cycles I took a months break from meditating and waited for my next birthday which is always a good starting point,
    so because today is my birthday I did start this final phase in which I want to put his promises to a test.

    Whilst I don’t expect specific results, I do hope for the claim that a thousand days of daily practice supposedly will implement the meditation vibration into ones character so that it continues to work on ones personality for the rest of ones life.

    I have to admit that I am very scared of failing, because 2.5 hours are likely to be skipped – if not done first thing in the morning.
    This means that I not only have put my worldly activities into the background and don’t allow for any interference in the first hours of the day, but obviously have to skip spontaneous late nights – especially in combination with inebriations.

    So yesterday evening I went to bed early and in panic not to miss the early hours (in which it is literally 10 times easier to meditate), I woke up 1.5 hours later, but knowing that I would not be able to fall asleep soon, I rose to the occasion and sat for 2.5 hours in the dark – from half past one to 4am (after which I did allow myself to sleep again – without this luxuary I know that I would not have the motivation to get up so early).

    What really was beautiful was that in opposition to normal meditations when insights usually come in the relaxation phase after the meditation, I got my first insight after only a few minutes into doing it, because it involved the practice:

    Throughout the entire 25 years I didn’t realise that I was mentally chanting “Wahe Guru” in the proposed 3 beats:”Wa”,”He”,and “Guru”, but maybe because in my mind “Guru” has two syllables I always gave the mantra one beat more, to allow for all 4 syllables – I did the “Wa-He-Guru” in 3 syllables but it was more like a 4/4 beat with the fourth beat played by another drum.
    You can check out what I mean on the SCK-beats I made nearly two decades ago:

    I then realised however, that this has an entire different dynamic to a walz-like 3/4 beat which is much more forward-driven.

    So all I can recommend to practitioners of SCK is a new found rule of thumb:
    – if you want SCK to become more contemplative, you can add the fourth pause-beat in your head,
    – and if you need for some more power and action in your life, go for the walz-like non-stop “WaheguruWaheguruWaheguru” without any mental pauses.

    It is amazing how there is always still room for more observations – even within such a simple and limited issue such as a 3-syllable mantra.
    Maybe this is the key to amazing wisdom:
    Once we ridden ourselves of our intellectual and emotional conditionings we free our souls to see these tiny details, most of us overlook.

    Free yourself from your Hamster-wheels !

    • JV Avadhanulu 3:44 on 2019-04-29 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Thilo, Wish you ahppy birthday and tarnsformational journey of 1000 days with inner Peace and Joy.


      • sitting bull 11:49 on 2019-04-29 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you, dear JV – those are the comments which give me strength on my else solitaire path.


    • David N Cook 2:03 on 2019-04-30 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Thilo – good luck in your quest for 1000 days! I am still doing SCK for 5 reps in the morning after tuning in; then I turn to my knee exercises (prescribed by physical therapists and working, so I continue). Then I begin the Five Tibetans, and I have reached 21reps for them all. It is quite a workout, especially the 2nd one, the leg-lift. I am noticing some physical strengthening and potentially firming my will to stay focused during strenuous activity. Real changes come after 30-40days, at least that was my experience with SCK. I just did not want to completely give up my SCK practice – I felt it become part of who I am after one year. Earlier this month we attended Sat Nam Fest, a gathering of Kundalini people in Malibu Canyon, very near us. Interesting to see people from all over the world as well as from the large LA community. That’s me in the middle, in the great shirt; Saturday morning practice on the beach. Best wishes from Oxnard Shores, CA!


      • sitting bull 0:28 on 2019-05-01 Permalink | Reply

        Than you, David for your nice message, you are one of my most faithful readers!
        It looks as if this was a mail, because you tell your private life-stories so openly and also refer to a photo which can not be seen in comments.
        However, first of all I do wish you the very best with your knee-recovery. This really can impair the practice of sitting for a long time as I experienced myself, so I guess it is good that you do more moving exercises like the 5 Tibetans right now.

        Talking the Tibetans: From the time I first read the book about them I did suspect somehow that those were more of an invention of Peter Kelder, but then again, if we look closely – nearly all of those fascinating exercises always seem to go through a “bottleneck” of one person only claiming to have received a secret wisdom:
        Yogananda’s teacher Lahiri Mahasaya claims that he met the ageless Mahavatar Babaji who taught him Kriya Yoga, and also for Sodarshan Chakra Kriya there is no other source to be found than that from Yogi Bhajan. So in the end I assume strongly that it is not so much about the actual exercise, but about our total dedication to it.

        So I think you are on a great path if you have the stamina to stick to those two spiritual and physical disciplines – I just wanted to throw this in there so that we see things for what they are without getting disillusioned ones our chosen discipline turns out to be a subjective invention.
        This is why I once did write my hypercritical series on Yogi Bhajan, to let people know that even the best chefs only cook with water.

        Moral of the story: Just as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, the power of any kriya seems to lie in the application of the practitioner(s).


  • sitting bull 15:11 on 2019-03-12 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Anfänger, , kostenlos, , Meditations-yoga, meditationskurs, , , yoga kurs,   

    Der Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Kurs für Anfänger 

    Der große Vorteil von dieser Meditation im Gegensatz zu anderen spirituellen Disziplinen ist, dass
    * alle Informationen auf einer Seite zu finden sind, (also im Gegensatz zu den meisten esoterischen Richtungen nichts elitär zurückgehalten wird).
    * Alles umsonst ist, (also dass man sich die Wertschätzung dafür nicht leicht erkaufen kann, sondern erarbeiten muss),
    * dass diese Yoga-Übung ungefähr 10 mal so stark wie herkömmliche Meditationen ist, und damit durch einen geringen Zeitaufwand schon Erfolge sichtbar werden.

    Wer diese Übung einmal gelernt hat dem kann sie nie wieder weg genommen werden, denn selbst wenn man Alles verloren hat (wie z.Bsp. im Gefängnis oder auf einer einsamen Insel gestrandet), kann man sein Leben lang damit weiter fortschreiten!

    Wenn Du Jemand kennst, der nie meditiert hat und sogar zögert es zu probieren, dann ist meine Empfehlung die Person ganz langsam auf das Meditieren einzustimmen.

    Eine erste Empfehlung wäre
    * Im ersten Monat Die Gedanken einfach zu beobachten
    (nur eine Minute wöchentlich oder so oft die Person es schafft)
    * Im zweiten Monat könnte man dann den Atem für zwei Minuten lang beobachten
    (entweder wöchentlich oder täglich)
    * Und im dritten Monat dann für 3 Minuten täglich
    wiederholt von 1 – 16 zählen (weil SCK 16 Wiederholungen hat)

    Der langsame Fortschritt ist dazu gedacht,
    Menschen nicht zu vergraulen, die gerade mal ihren Fuß in die Türe der Spiritualität setzen,
    Und die Modifikationen sind gut gegen die Langeweile der Wiederholung,
    wenn man anfangs noch keine Veränderungen wahrnimmt.

    Dann, ohne die Zeit weiter zu erhöhen,
    bringe dem Schüler die Haltung von SCK bei,
    eine Woche später dann das linke-rechte Nasenloch-Atmen,
    und noch eine Woche später, wie man den Bauch dazu pumpt
    (ein mal mehr bei jeder Sitzung, bis die 16 x 3 Bauchbewegungen erreicht sind.

    Auf diese Art wächst man langsam in SCK rein und kann ab dann diesen Anfängerkurs hier machen.

    Der Hauptgrund Sodarshan Chakra Kriya im Gegenteil zu anderen spirituellen Disziplinen zu machen ist der Glaube, dass Deine interne Unausgeglichenheiten und Fehlkonzeptionen die Wurzel all Deiner Probleme sind.
    SCK reinigt Deine Persönlichkeit von den Aspekten, die Dir den Zugang zu Deiner wahren Seele überschatten.
    Um Dir den Wert regelmässigen Praktizierens vor Augen zu halten:
    Lese in meiner bio>karmic disappointments, was für ein Leid man durchlaufen muss, wenn man nicht täglich meditiert.

    Aber genau das macht es sehr schwer, diese Übung konsequent durchzuziehen, denn das zurückgebliebene Selbstbildnis (wie es Morpheus in der Matrix beschreibt) macht von allen Tricks des Intellekts gebrauch, um nicht vom Ego los zu lassen.

    Ambition, sowohl als Aspiration benötigt eine Kombination von zwei Arten der Stärke oder Tugend:
    Ein langzeit Durchhaltevermögen und der Wille unangenehme Phasen zu durchstehen.
    Je nach dem eigenen Weltbild und den Erfahrungen kann man sich entweder eine langen aber sicheren Weg aussuchen (der 28 Jahre des Glaubens benötigt), oder einen kurzen aber schmerzhaften auswählen, in dem man schnell durch den Prozess durchdringt.
    Die Wahl ist ähnlich der, ob man ein Pflaster langsam abzieht, oder sich es schnell vom Körper reisst.

    Hiermit versuche ich beiden Wegen gerecht zu werden.
    Sollte Deine Aspiration sein, SCK komplett zu meistern ohne halbwegs aufzugeben, tust Du gut daran nicht, wie ich, zwei Jahrzehntelang rum zu schwimmen, um immer mal wieder die vollen 2,5 Stunden erzwingen zu wollen, bis die tiefen Krisen unangenehmer Selbsterkenntnis mich aufgeben ließen – nur um später erneut ganz von vorne anfangen zu müssen.

    Aus meinen Fehler lernend, entwickelte ich eine Methode meinen verschluderten Langzeitplan innerhalb von 5 Jahren aufzuholen, den Du als Geländer verwenden kannst, um es nicht zu übertreiben, oder vorschnell aufzuhören.

    1.) Sodarshan Chakra Kriya lernen

    Fange mit einer kurzen körperlichen Übung an:
    Gehe zu dieser Seite: https://thilo.bandcamp.com/album/sodarshan-chakra-kriya
    – spiele die Beats von vorne ab (Du kannst das online machen ohne etwas kaufen zu müssen),
    – wenn immer der Wind Klang kommt, atme,
    dann halte Deinen Atem
    – und pumpe den Bauch zu diesen Schlägen, bis der nächste Atemklang kommt.
    – fahre fort, bis Deine Bauchmuskeln erschöpft sind und schreibe dann die Nummer des Stücks auf, an dem Du aufgehört hast.
    In den nächsten Tagen:
    – Da die Schläge sich verlangsamen, fahre mit dem Stück fort, bei dem Du das letzte mal aufgehört hast, bis Du das Stück findes, das langsam genug ist, dass Du den Bauch dazu pumpen kannst.

    Solltest Du lieber im Stillen praktizieren, habe ich hier eine ausführliche Anleitung und eine Zählhilfe mit Fingern anstatt Klängen geschrieben.

    Für jeden Schritt beglaubigst Du Dich selbst mit einer Tarot-Karte. Wenn Du willst, kannst Du Dir Tarotkarten kaufen, um ein materielles Gefühl des Fortschritts zu erleben.

    2.) Als nächstes gilt es die original Anleitung auszuführen während Du weiterhin den Bauch zu den oben erwähnten Schlägen pumpst.
    Benutze den folgenden fett-gedruckten Absatz als Spickzettel, bis Du die Übung auswendig kannst.

    a) Blockiere den rechten Nasenflügel mit dem rechten Daumen. Atme langsam und tief durch den linken Nasenflügel ein und halte den Atem.
    Chante im Geiste 16 mal ‘Wahe Guru”, und pumpe dazu den Nabel 3 mal mit jeder Repetition ( einmal bei “Waa”, einmal bei “Heh” und einmal bei “Guru”; insgesamt 48 Bauch-Anspannungen.


    Löse den Finger vom rechten Nasenflügel und benutze den rechten Zeige- oder kleinen Finger, um das linke Nasenloch zu schließen. Atme langsam und tief durch das rechte Nasenloch aus. Setze die Übung genauso fort links einzuatmen und rechts auszuatmen.

    Sobald Du es geschafft hast 7 dieser Atemzyklen hintereinander durch zu ziehen bist Du aus Deinem Null-Wissen herausgewachsen und hast Dir die Karte 0 verdient.
    Gratuliere – Du kannst jetzt Sodarshan Chakra Kriya machen!

    BEENDEN: Inhaliere und halte die Luft für 5-10 Sekunden an. Ausatmen.
    Dann strecke und schüttle den Körper ungefähr eine Minute lang, um die Energie zu zirkulieren.

    2.) in die tägliche Praxis hineinwachsen

    [Original Anleitung:] POSITION: Sitze mit einem geraden Rücken (entweder mit gekreuzten Beinen oder in einem Stuhl mit den Füßen flach auf dem Boden)

    Augen sind auf die Nasenspitze fokussiert, oder geschlossen, falls Dir das lieber ist.

    Yogi Bhajan

    Schritt 3:
    Beschaffe Dir einen Timer oder eine Eieruhr und mache ein mal wöchentlich 3 Minuten SCK.
    Für jede der folgenden 3 Wochen erhältst Du eine der 3 Karten des Magiers:

    Innerhalb des zweiten Monats kannst Du Dir die zweite TarotKarte, Die Hohepriesterin, ergattern, indem Du zweimal wöchentlich praktizierst.

    (Eins ist eine männliche Nummer, weshalb der Magier die Karte Eins war und die Hohepriesterin die weibliche Nummer zwei hat.)

    Anfänger mögen einen Monat für jeden dieser Schritte brauchen,
    und Fortgeschrittene können täglich zur nächsten Übung weiter gehen.

    Tipp :
    Falls Du Dich in einer schwierignen Situation befindest (weil Du z.Bsp. irgendwo zu Gast bist), von Leuten umgeben bist, und keine Eieruhr hast, dann kannst Du Deine tägliche Praxis 7 Atemzyklen lang diskret auf einem Toilettendeckel durchführen, denn das sind ungefähr 3 Minuten.
    Niemand wird Deine Abwesenheit über solch eine kurze Zeit bemerken.

    {Original Kommentar von Y.B.:}

    Die Tragödie des Lebens ist, wenn das Unterbewusstsein Abfälle in das Bewusstsein entlädt. Dieses Kriya erweckt die Kundalini um Dir die notwendige Vitalität und Intuition zu geben, um die negativen Nebenwirkungen des Unterbewusstseins zu bekämpfen.

    Faustregel: Fahre erst mit einer nächsten Übung fort, wenn Du Dir sicher bist, diese ohne Schwierigkeiten durchgeführt zu haben. Wenn nicht, dann wiederhole die Übung, bis Du zufrieden damit bist.

    Jetzt mache SCk drei mal wöchentlich (das ist der letzte Schritt in dem Du es an fixen Wochentagen machen kannst).
    Danach kriegst Du die Karte
    Then try to do SCK three times weekly (this is the last step in which you can set fixed weekdays for your practice).
    You then may claim Die Herrscherin

    Meditation für Fokus und geistige Reinigung
    {Original Kommentar von Y.B. :}

    Hier ist eine Meditation, die mit Hilfe von Prana geistigen Müll aufräumt, und Klarheit schafft.

    Von allen 20 Arten Yoga, einschliesslich Kundalini Yoga, ist das das höchste Kriya.

    Dies ist eine sehr wirksame Meditation, um Reichtum zu erlangen.

    Sie wird Dir einen Neustart verschaffen.

    Sobald Du SCK 4x wöchentlich machen kannst, bekommst Du die Karte Der Herrscher.

    {Original Kommentar von Y.B. :}

    Es ist das einfachste Kriya, aber gleichzeitig eines der schwersten.

    Diese Übung schneidet durch alle Barrieren der psychotischen oder neurotischen Natur.

    Wenn sich eine Person in einem sehr schlechten Zustand befindet, werden extern angewandte Methoden nicht funktionieren.

    Der Druck muss von innen stimuliert werden.

    Bist Du bereit SCK 5x wöchentlich zu machen, gehört die Karte Der HierophantDir.

    {Original Kommentar von Y.B. :}

    Es gibt keine Zeit, keinen Platz, keinen Raum und keine Bedingung die mit dieser Meditation verknüpft sind.

    Jeder Müllhaufen benötigt seine eigene Zeit um gereinigt zu werden.

    Wenn Du Deinen eigenen Müll angehst, musst Du selbst schätzen; und ihn dann so schnell als Du kannst oder langsam, wie Du willst verarbeiten.

    Du musst entscheiden wie viel Zeit Du hast, um Deine eigene Müllhalde zu verarbeiten.

    Sobald Du in der Lage bist SCK 6x wöchentlich zu praktizieren, (also jeden Werktag außer Sonntag z.Bsp.), hast Du Dir Die Liebenden verdient.

    Wenn Du Fragen hast, oder mehr über SCK wissen willst, lese bitte die deutschen Artikel oder surfe querfeldein auf dieser Seite, denn hier steht Alles, was es über SCK zu wissen gibt.

    Jetzt solltest Du es schaffen SCK (nur 3 Minuten lang) täglich zu machen und bekommst dafür die Karte: Der Wagen.

    Nur um Dich zu inspirieren, dass das möglich ist:
    Obwohl ich aus einer unspirituellen nicht-meditierenden Familie stamme habe ich alle Schritte dieses folgenden Kurses selbst gemacht.

    Also wenn ich das tun konnte, dann kannst Du das auch – so lange Du Dich danach sehnst Deine Unausgeglichenheiten und Irrmeinungen ausbalancieren zu wollen.

    Sobald Du SCK täglich machen kannst bist Du auf dem langsamen aber sichern Pfad, auf den Du jederzeit zurückfallen kannst, wenn immer Deine Praxis versagen sollte.

    Der Vorteil dieses Weges ist, dass er Deine Seele reibungslos im Hintergrund reinigt, so dass Nichts Deinen weltlichen Ambitionen im Weg steht.

    Um Dir also Dein persönliches Sicherheitsnetz zu schaffen:
    1.) Schreibe auf, wann Du SCK angefangen hast
    (Ich benutze ein Spreadsheet, um meine gewünschten und wirklich durchgeführten Meditationszeiten einzutragen).
    2.) Faustregel, wenn immer Du eine längere Pause hattest:
    Ab dem Zeitpunkt, an dem Du angefangen hast, solltest Du in der Lage sein Deine Meditationszeit jedes Jahr um 6 Minuten gesteigert zu haben (oder alle 2 Monate um einen Monat).
    {Bsp: Nach 5 Jahren solltest Du fähig sein täglich eine halbe Stunde lang zu meditieren}

    Um die Meditation bis auf ein Zehntel des Tages aufzubauen, was dem christlichen Zehnt einer Spende entspricht und bei Sikhs Dasvand heisst, braucht man auf diese Art 24-25 Jahre, und dann noch 3 Jahre um 1000 Tage 2.5 Stunden zu machen.

    Dieser 28-Jahre-Zyklus entspricht einer Saturn-Wiederkehr, nach der Einem karmische Lektionen vor Augen gehalten werden, denn der Saturn ist der äußerste Planet in unserem Sonnensystem, der damit die Grenzen aufzeigt.

    Das scheint eine sehr lange Zeit zu sein, aber wenn man an größere Seelenzyklen (wie z.Bsp. Reinkarnation) glaubt, dann sind 28 Jahre ein winziger Tropfen auf den heissen Stein – erst Recht verglichen mit den Äonen
    * des derzeitigen Maya Zeitalters, was 5128 Jahre lang andauern soll,
    * unserem Wassermannzeitalter im Zusammenhang des 25000 Jahre Zyklus des platonischen Erdenjahrs, oder dem
    * 432000 Jahre andauernden derzeitigen Kali Yuga der indischen Weltalter, was insgesamt 4 Millionen und 320 tausend Jahre andauert!

    Alles, was Du tun musst, um das “Äon” bzw die Karte Die Gerechtigkeit für Dich vereinnahmen, ist ein Meditationstagebuch anzufangen in dem Du Deine Meditationszeiten und eventuelle Erkenntnisse danach aufschreibst.

    3.) Wenn immer Du diesem Plan hinterher hinkst, gebe nicht auf, denn Du kannst Deine verpasste Meditationszeit in der bald kommenden mittleren Stufe aufholen.
    Auf diese Art habe ich es geschafft sogar nach 20 Jahren wieder auf den Wagen aufzuspringen!
    Außerdem kannst Du das System auch benutzen, um alle Arten von unbeliebten Tätigkeiten langsam in Dein Leben zu implementieren.

    Um etwas zurückzugeben:
    Teile Deine Erfahrungen in den Kommentaren,
    damit Andere von Dir und Du von Anderen lernen kannst.

    Wenn Du so weit bist weiter zu gehen, kontaktiere mich hier,
    und ich werde die Schritte der Mittelstufe sofort hier veröffentlichen.

    • Brot 13:18 on 2019-11-04 Permalink | Reply

      Hallo Sitting Bull, Danke für diese tolle Seite. Ich bin seit ca 8 Jahren SCK-Praktzierender und habe seid 1er Woche auf 2,5h Sunden gewechselt:) Ich will garnicht zu viel schreiben, ausser dass für mich persönlich die Zufluchtnahme in diese Übung damit eine neue Qualität erreicht hat. SCK auf 2,5h Stunden ist definitiv ein Multiplikator Richtung Selbsterkenntnis und jede investierte Sekunde auf dem Weg dorthin war und ist es wert zu gehen.

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      • sitting bull 16:24 on 2019-11-04 Permalink | Reply

        Das freut mich riesig hier die erste Person zu sehen, die auch 2.5 Stunden macht!
        Und ich hoffe, dass Du meine Antwort hier bekommst, denn nicht Jeder setzt das Häkchen unter dem Kommentar, bei Antworten benachrichtigt zu werden.

        Es ist sehr gut, dass Du geschrieben hast, denn ich habe mehrmals in der Phase in der Du gerade bist versagt, und war deswegen auch sauer of Yogi Bhajan, dass er mich nicht vor den Tücken gewarnt hat.
        Da Du ja aber schon seit 8 Jahren dabei bist, könnte ich mir vorstellen, dass Du inzwischen genau so viele Erfahrungen gesammelt hast, wie ich, weil ich ungefähr genau so lange am konstanten Wiederaufbau bin, nachdem ich zwei Jahrzehnte versucht habe immer wieder 2.5 Stunden zu schaffen, um letztendlich das obige spielerische System für mich zu entwickeln.

        Die Essenz der Lehre, die ich aus meinen hunderten, wenn nicht tausend Fehlschlägen gezogen habe habe, ist: Gebe Dir die Möglichkeit, wenn es dick kommt, temporär auf ein erträgliches Niveau zurück zu fallen, bevor Du, wie ich es in der Vergangenheit getan habe, dann ganz aufgibst.

        Dazu brauchst Du unbedingt motivierende Erfolge, so wie man sie durch Kampfsport-Gürtel bekommt.
        Eine Möglichkeit wäre, Dir selbst für jede täglich meditierte Woche eine Karte von dem Spiel oben zu geben, denn wenn Du dann mittendrin eine Pause brauchst, ist nicht Alles verloren, sondern nur ein paar Tage.

        Im Grunde hast Du die Karte des Narren inzwischen verdient und in einer Woche kannst Du die Karte des Magiers holen. So macht das auch Spaß; Du kannst dann in 7 Wochen zur Mittelstufe weiter ziehen und ich würde Dir dann auch noch das Fortgeschrittenen-Spiel schreiben, was bis zu Deinen 2.5 Stunden geht. Die 120 Tage davon hättest Du dann nämlich.
        Dir wird das kindisch erscheinen, aber es schützt ungemein vor Rückschlägen.

        Gerne kannst Du all Deine Erfahrungen in Kommentaren hinterlassen, damit die Nächsten dann auch von Dir lernen können.
        Und falls Du ab und zu mal wieder Inspiration braucht dann abonniere einfach diesen Blog, oder schreibe mir eine mail.



    • Brot 23:14 on 2019-11-04 Permalink | Reply

      Alles Gut! fuer mich ist SCK schon lange der Weg des geringsten Widerstands. 3 Schritt vor und 2 zurueck..so ist laeuft das..Waheguru!


    • Brot 10:22 on 2019-11-05 Permalink | Reply

      Ja,die Karte des Narren hab ich mir verdient;)

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    • sitting bull 11:57 on 2019-11-05 Permalink | Reply

      HAHAHA – mir war das bei meinem letzten Kommentar mit dem Narren gar nicht bewusst 😉

      Übrigens, Brot, mir fällt gerade ein, dass es sowohl für mich, als auch vielleicht andere Leser des Blogs sehr interessant wäre, wenn Du uns kurz erzählst, wie sich Deine SCK-Praxis in den letzten 8 Jahren verändert, bzw, wie Du das auf 2.5 Stunden aufgebaut hast.

      Bei mir ging es ja so:
      Es dauerte 2 Wochen bis ich die Übung machen konnte, also es auf 16 wahegurus geschaft habe,
      dann hatte ich jedes mal so viel mehr gemacht wie ging, und es innerhalb noch so einer kurzen Zeit auf 2.5 Stunden geschafft,
      das dann ca 50-60 Tage lang gemacht, dann aus Enttäuschung über ein unbefriedigendes Treffen mit Yogi Bhajan wieder hingeschmissen,
      dann 20 Jahre lang immer wieder versucht 2.5 Stunde zu machen und nach kurzen Intervallen aufhören müsseen, weil sich jedes mal noch mehr karmischer Müll angesammelt hatte.

      Und erst, als ich auf das Spiel von oben gekommen war, hat es geklappt, innerhalb von ca 7-8 Jahren beständig auf 2.5 Stunden aufzubauen, also genau der selben Zeit wie bei Dir.

      Deswegen würde es mich selbst brennend interessieren, wie das bei Dir angefangen hat und wie Deine Praxis sich gesteigert hat.


    • Brot 13:14 on 2019-11-05 Permalink | Reply

      Ich bin über ein Video auf Youtube mit dem Namen “Most Powerful Yoga Breathing Exercise (Pranayama)” von Anmol Metha auf die Übung aufmerksam geworden.
      Da ich zu dieser Zeit schon Erfahrung mit Yoga gesammelt hatte und ich physisch in einer schlechten Verfassung war, hab ich mich da festgebissen und bin zügig Richtung 20 min gegagen.
      Das brachte dann natürlich Rückschläge und die erwartbaren Komplikation wie z.B. Infekt bei absetzen der Übung. Das hat mir deutlich die Macht der Übung auf meinen Körper gezeigt und ich hab mich daran angepasst in dem ich kontinuierlicher das Kriya geübt habe und bei Aussetzern eben mit weniger angefangen habe und wieder stufenweise auf die 20 min aufgebaut habe. Ich muss sagen das es an dem Punkt für mich der Weg des geringsten Widerstands wurde… 20 min die mich durch den Tag bringen..

      Ich bin locker 3 Jahre auf 20min “hängengeblieben” .. es war eine körperliche und mentale Mauer die mich als faule Person jetzt nicht gestört hat ;). ich war froh genug Energie für den Tag zu haben.

      Irgendwann ist mir aufgefallen das Yogi Bajan ja immer 32 min als Intervall nennt und mein Ehrgeiz war geweckt. Die Qualität der Übung veränderte sich.. Rückblickend ist es ab 32 min nur noch einfacher geworden.Der Energieschub reicht für mich um sich zügig zu stabilisieren, um von dort wieder längere Intervalle zu üben.

      Die von 32min auf 62min war wiederum auch eine spontane Entscheidung folgte immer Intuitiv und ohne Plan. Zwischen diesem Intervall tingelte ich die letzen 4 Jahre. 3 Schritt vor 2 zurück;) aber mit zunehmender Konsistenz und Ernsthaftigkeit.

      Während dieser Zeit hatte ich auch die 2,5h unbedingt über das Knie brechen müssen, was mit einem Aussetzen für mind. 2 Wochen endete.

      Dieses Jahr habe ich sehr konstant die 62 min abgerissen und war irgendwie der Meinung 2,5h gehen auch. Und ja 2,5h gehen jetzt:)

      Rückblickend empfinde ich 8 Jahre für einen durchschnittlichen Westeuropaeer als einen realistischen Ansatz um 2,5h sicher zu erreichen.

      Liked by 1 person

      • sitting bull 3:23 on 2019-11-11 Permalink | Reply

        Vielen Dank für Deine tolle Ausführung hier, die eine gute zweite Sichtweise zu meiner bildet!

        Inzwischen hast Du vielleicht schon die nächste Karte des Magiers ergattert,
        und falls nicht, verstehst Du jetzt den Sinn des Spiels, die Phasen in kurze Abschnitte zu unterteilen, damit wir nicht total frustriert sind, wenn wir die uns gesetzten 40,90, oder 120 Tage nicht auf Anhieb schaffen.

        Wenn Du insgesamt 8×7 Tage geschafft hast (egal mit wieviel Pausen dazwischen), dann kommentiere doch nochmal hier, denn ich habe mir für Dich noch zwei weitere Schritte überlegt, um Dich vor meinem ersten Aufprall zu schützen.

        Selbstverständlich soll das nicht bedeuten, dass ich mich in irgend einer Weise als “weiter fortgeschritten” empfinde als Du, denn man kann ja die Qualität von Meditation nicht vergleichen;
        das Einzige, worin ich erfahren bin sind die Fehlschläge und wie man sie vermeiden kann.

        Also kannst Du auch gerne im Fall von Problemen hier kommentieren oder mailen.

        Viel Erfolg bei Deiner Praxis weiterhin !


  • sitting bull 15:09 on 2019-03-12 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , meditation course, , , , ,   

    The beginner’s Sodarshan Chakra Kriya course 

    The advantage of this meditation in opposition to other spiritual disciplines is that
    * the entire information can be found on one single page, meaning that in opposition to most esoteric directions, nothing is held back;
    * everything is free, meaning that you can’t easily put a value-tag on this method by buying your way into it, but have to earn the respect for it by working for it.
    * and since this Yoga-exercise is about 10 times stronger than common meditations, it will yield results within short times of daily practice already.

    No one can take this Kriya (exercise) ever away again from someone who did learn it, because even in most adverse circumstances, when you lost everything (such as in prison or being stranded on an island for example) you can continue to evolve on this path for life!

    If you know someone who never did meditate at all and even is hesitant to try,
    my recommendation is to tune them in very very slowly

    by first advising them to simply
    * observe thoughts coming and going
    for just one minute weekly (or as often as they can)

    a month later
    * to observe the breath for 2 minutes daily (or as often as they can)

    and in the third month for 3 minutes daily
    * to count from 1 to 16 repeatedly (because SCK has 16 repetitions)

    The slow progress isgood not to antagonise people before they did set a foot into the door of spirituality,
    and and the modifications are to avoid the boredom of repetition without significant results.

    Then without increasing the time beyond 3 minutes,
    * tell them the posture of SCK,
    * a week later the left & right nostril breathing
    * and one more week later to pump the belly 3 times more each time,
    until they accomplished 16 x 3 pumps.

    This way they will have slowly grown into the preparations for SCK within a few months,
    and can continue with this beginner’s course as described below.

    The main reason for doing Sodarshan Chakra Kriya in opposition to other spiritual disciplines is the belief that your internal imbalances and misconceptions are the root of all your problems.
    SCK does mentally cleanse your personality from the aspects which cloud your true soul.
    In order to see the value of a regular practice, read my bio>karmic disappointments to see how long lasting life’s frustrations can be if you don’t meditate on a daily basis.

    But that exactly makes it very difficult to pursue, because ones residual self image (as Morpheus calls it in the Matrix) does use every trick available to the mind, not to let go of the ego.

    Ambition as well as aspiration needs a combination of two strengths or virtues:
    Long term persistence, and the willingness to overcome unpleasant phases.
    Depending on someones worldview and experiences one can either subscribe to a safe but slow path (which requires 28 years of faith),
    or a short, but painful one of quickly punching through the process.
    The choice is similar to choosing whether you pull of a plaster slowly or rip it of quickly.

    I herewith try to accommodate people of both kinds. Should your aspiration be to  fully master SCK without giving up half way, you do well not floating around like me for two decades and every once in a while try again to force 2.5 hours into my life until the profound crises of unpleasant self-realisations made me give it up – only to later start from scratch again.

    1.) learning Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

    Start with short, light physical exercises:
    Go to this site: https://thilo.bandcamp.com/album/sodarshan-chakra-kriya
    – play the track (no need to buy anything, just use them online),
    – whenever you hear the wind sound, breath in,
    then hold your breath
    – and pump the belly to those beats until the next breathing sound occurs.
    – continue this until your belly-muscles are exhausted and write down which track you stopped.
    Next day(s):
    – Because the beats are gradually slowing down, continue with the track where you left of, until you find the track which is slow enough for you to pump your belly along with them.

    Should you prefer to practice in silence, I did wrote an instruction for you here, which helps you count with fingers instead of Rythms.

    On each step you self-certify yourself with a Tarot-card. If you want you may buy yourself a deck so that you get a sense of a physical accomplishment.

    2.) Next:
    Incorporate the original instructions whilst pumping your belly to the beats:
    Use the following bold paragraph as a cheat-sheet (copy & print) until you know it by heart.

    MUDRA AND BREATH: a) Block off the right nostril with the right thumb. Inhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril and hold the breath.
    Mentally chant ‘Wahe Guru” 16 times, while pumping the navel point 3 times with each repetition (once on ”Waa”, once on ”hey”, and once on ”Guru”) for a total of 48 pumps.

    b) Unblock the right nostril and use the right index or pinkie finger to block the left nostril. Exhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril. Continue, inhaling left nostril, exhaling right.

    TO END: Inhale and hold 5-10 seconds. Exhale.
    Then stretch and shake the body for about 1 minute to circulate the energy.

    As soon as you manage to do 7 of those breathing cycles in a row, you moved out of ground zero, and therewith can claim the card #0
    You now are able to do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya!

    Many of you will be content to practice 1-3 times per week, which is good to do for quite a while.

    And at a later point, one day,
    when you read in my bio the still ongoing series about “karmic dissapointments”
    you may understand why a daily practice can spare you
    many decades of the pains of ignorance & worldly trial and errors.

    For those people are the next steps about

    2.) growing into a daily practice

    [Original instruction:] POSITION: Sit with a straight spine
    (either with legs crossed or sitting on a chair with feet flat on the ground)

    Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose, or closed if you prefer.

    Yogi Bhajan

    Step 3:
    Get yourself a timer and do once weekly 3 minutes of SCK .
    Each of the following 3 weeks you can claim one of those 3 cards of the magician:

    Within the second month you may claim the second card The High Priestess, by practicing twice weekly.

    (One is the male number, hence the magician was male, and two is the female number hence it is about the priestess.)

    Beginners may take a month for each of those steps,
    and intermediate practitioners can do one after another day by day.

    Tip :
    If you encounter difficult circumstances (because you are a guest somewhere for example), are surrounded by people and have no timer at hand, just do it discreetly on a toilet lid for 7 breathing cycles.
    That makes approximately 3 minutes and nobody will notice your absence for such a short time.

    {Original comment from Y.B.:}

    The tragedy of life is when the subconscious releases garbage into the conscious mind.

    This kriya invokes the Kundalini to give you the necessary vitality and intuition to combat the negative effects of the subconscious mind.

    In general: only move on to next steps if you are certain that you are up to it. If you are not sure, just repeat an exercise until you feel ready to move on.

    Then try to do SCK three times weekly (this is the last step in which you can set fixed weekdays for your practice).
    You then may claim the card Empress.

    Meditation for focus and mental purification
    {Original comment from Y.B. :}

    Here is a meditation that makes use of prana to cleanse mental garbage and purify the mind.

    Of all the 20 types of yoga, including Kundalini yoga, this is the highest kriya.

    This is a very powerful meditation for prosperity. 
    It will give you a new start.

    Once you are able to do SCK 4x weekly, you may claim the Emperor

    {Original comment from Y.B. :}

    It is the simplest kriya, but at the same time the hardest. 

    It cuts through all darkness and all barriers of the neurotic or psychotic nature.

    When a person is in a very bad state, techniques imposed form the outside will not work. The pressure has to be stimulated from within.

    Once you are capable to do SCK 5x weekly, The Hierophant is your card.

    {Original comment from Y.B. :} 

    There is no time, no place, no space, and no condition attached to this meditation.

    Each garbage pit has its own time to clear.

    If you are going to clean your own garbage, you must estimate and clean it as fast as you can, or as slow as you want.

    You have to decide how much time you have to dean up your garbage pit.

    If you do SCK 6x weekly, you still can take Sundays of and still claim the card Lovers

    If you want to know more about SCK or have questions, please read the archive of SCK articles including practical instructions on how to keep count or about the theory behind it here.

    Now you should be able to practice SCK (for just 3 minutes) daily and therewith can claim The Chariot

    Just to inspire you to know that this is possible: Even though I do come from an unspiritual and non-meditating family, I want to point out that I personally did all steps I am propagating above (but it took me long until I succeded).

    So if I was able to do it, you know that you can do it too – as long as you long enough for clearing your imbalances and misconceptions.

    Once you are able to do SCK daily, you are on the slow and save path which you are always able to fall back onto, whenever your practice fails.

    Advantage of this path is that it cleanses your soul smoothly, working in the background, so it does not interfere with your worldly ambitions.

    To create your personal safety-net:
    1.) Write down when you did start doing SCK
    (I use a spreadsheet to list my required vs the completed meditation times).
    2.) Easy rule of thumb for when you dropped it for a while:
    Since the time you started, your meditation-time should have increased by 6 minutes yearly or one minute more every two months .
    {example: after 5 years you should be able to do half an hour of meditation daily.)

    This pace will take you 24-25 years to build it up to the Dasvand of a tenth of a day, and an another 3 years to do the 1000 days of 2.5 hours – a 28 year cycle of a Saturn return after which your karmic lesson of life will be revealed to you.
    (Saturn is the outermost planet of our solar system and it takes 28 years for it to surround our sun. Hence it shows us our outermost limits and duties.)

    This may seem very long, but if you believe in a larger cycle of your soul (such as reincarnation for example), a 28 year cleansing is a mere drop against the ocean of aeons, such as
    * our current Mayan calendar cycle, which lasts until the year 4772,
    * the 25,000 year cycles of the astrological ages,
    * or the 432,000 year Indian Yuga Cycle we are currently in (which comprises 4,320,000 years altogether!)

    All you have to do to claim the Aeon or the card
    the Judgement, is for you to start a meditation diary with the times you did meditate and possible insights you had afterwards.

    3.) If you ever fell behind this plan, don’t throw it away, but use the intermediate course to catch up to the point where you should be.
    This way I even did manage to jump back on the waggon after having failed to practice regularly for 20 years !
    Apart from that you may use this system to implement all kinds of other unpleasant activities into your life.

    To give something back:
    Share your experiences in the comments,
    so that others can learn from you and you can learn from others.

    When you are ready to move on, notify me here,
    and I will post the intermediate steps for you.

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