Vivekanda's and Ramakrishna's outlining of the evolution of enlightenment

Keys to understanding the universe #6

Spiritual inspiration Sunday # 7

Dear readers, I wish you a happy🌤day where ever you are!
My gratitude goes out to one of my most faithful readers called JV, who did introduce me to Vivekanda and brings non-judgemental compassion into my life. I pass on to you what he gave me:

Today we get a very profound map about the correlations within our mind, so whenever the information is too much for you, pause the video, maybe at times rewind (with the left arrow), contemplate and maybe even pause it all together. This is how I watched this 15 min video over two days.

Because there is so much information in it, I write down this mind-map below but I still would recommend to watch the video, because he gives reasons, which make us assimilate the information better so that we can keep it longer.

I find this so inspirational, because whenever I wonder why the heck I am sitting in boring meditation, or worse: when relatives do attack me of wasting time by just ‘sitting around’ instead of ‘working hard and making money’; such explanations show me the purpose of my task to evolve, and give me reasons to aspire to higher levels of consciousness.

Read the summary of his map of the evolution from bottom to top

Enlightenment of a sage, prophet or saint;
Effulgence of the immortal & all pervading essence of all things.
Samadhi : A non-dualistic, stillness of the mind,
being able to perceive the identity of the individual soul and cosmic spirit.
no egoism
[god’s happiness lies in spiritual contemplation]
{6. complete suppression of the ocean of waves in the mind}

{5. if strong enough to resist miraculous powers}
^ further ascension ^
{5. If indulging in extraordinary powers which arise}
v back to step 2 v

{4. perception of motions & mental reaction will lead to knowledge of everything}

Dhârâna: holding the mind to certain (physical or mental) points
Pratyâhâra: strength of mind to overcome the senses

(internal column )
Dhyâna: meditation
(external column)
{3. reaction of the mind:
Jnana: knowledge}
breathing techniques
yoga postures
inner exploration,
Non-violence or harmlessness,
Non-lying or truthfulness,
overcoming sexual desire,

all those methods don’t necessarily come in this order
[man’s happines lies in the intellect]
Realm of egoism and evolutioniary struggle with sorrows and miseries
{2. nerve and brain motion: Artha: meaning}

possible for all beings from lowest animals to highest angels
{1. external ethereal vibration: Shabda: sound}

Realm of the unconsciousness:
automatic bodily actions
no egoism
[animal’s happiness lies in the senses]

And this is how Vivekanda’s teacher Ramakrishna did sum up the spiritual evolution: