The siddhis

Yogi Bhajahn’s descriptions of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya states:

If you can do this meditation for 62 minutes to start with, then build up to the point where you can do it 2 1/2 hours a day (1/10 of the day), it will give you the following: ”Nao nidhi, athara sidhi,” which are the nine precious virtues and 18 occult powers. In these 27 total virtues of the world lies the entire universe.

So what are those Sidhis? Wikipedia states:

Siddhis are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of spiritual advancement through sadhana (spiritual practices), such as meditation and yoga.

Whilst Wikipedia refers mainly to the Hindu-version, Siddhis are also mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib – the religious fundament of the Sikhs:
Verse (pauri) 38 of the bani called Anand Sahib refers to the 9 treasures which include:

1. precious metals,
2. gems and jewels,
3. delicious foods,
4. training in the use of arms,
5. beautiful clothing and various staples,
6. trade in gold,
7. trade in gems,
8. mastery of fine arts,
9. and all kinds of riches.

The 18 occult powers are referenced in the “Rag Gujri, Guru Arjan” shabd that comes just before “So Purkh” in the bani called Rehiras Sahib as follows:

(1) to assume another’s form,
(2) to make the body larger or smaller,
(3) to make the body miniscule,
(4) to procure objects,
(5) to read another’s thoughts,
(6) to persuade all,
(7) to fulfill the mind’s desires,
(8) to become heavy,
(9) to become immune to hunger and thirst,
(10) to hear from afar,
(11) to see from afar,
(12) to travel as fast as thought,
(13) to assume any shape,
(14) to enter another’s body,
(15) to die at will,
(16) to meet with the gods,
(17) to fulfill all desires,
(18) to go anywhere unobstructed.

Those abilities are likely to stir up a lot of emotions – on one hand there are those who believe in them but dismiss them as a nuisance and tempting distractions on the path of self-realization, and on the other hand, materialistic people without spiritual inclinations will simply not believe it – a good example is the one million dollar challenge from James Randi which no person could claim in over 50 years.

The reason I mention them here is foremost to pass on the last bit of information related to Sodarshan Chakra Kriya without holding anything back – it is not to advertise spirituality through sensationalism.

The question is now what attitude to take on without subscribing to any extreme. In a way they should not be dismissed lightly because the questions whether they exist or not influence the entire attitude towards spirituality. Let us take Jesus as an example:

People who believe that he was the son of god won’t allow for siddhis to be possible – only god is allowed to have or give those powers.
On the other hand believing in siddhis opens the possibility for Gnosticism, meaning that we humans have the potential to bring out divinity in us – a tremendous implication which could shatter all power structures of religions and society by enabling us to take charge of our own lives without living like powerless obedient sheep.

The disadvantages of being attracted to them are clearly the dangers of first developing a tremendous ego and abusing those powers or to hold us back in the material world while indulging in those fruits.
Think it through: What would happen if you gained even one of those abilities? First you had to question yourself repeatedly when it would be wise to use the force – obviously selfish use will inevitably set one back to square one instantly by having lost ones non-attachment and serenity.
On top of that the question would be what is good for others?At first glance it might be noble to heal others or to spread wealth, but what if poverty or diseases were brought onto people by their own imbalances? Then a correction of course is only a symptomatic treatment, just like you paying of debts of a gambler or an addict who only falls back twice as hard.
And you might encounter a massive opposition from simple-minded jealous people or powerful puppet-masters who see their wealth endangered. Why do you think it is that enlightened people were nailed to the cross, burned at the stake, boiled alive, etc.?

My personal intake on it is that we humans have divine potential which should be cultivated by any means – the gnostic way;
yet one should not aim for Siddhis, because they are mere potential side-effects on the path to absolute detachment and self-realization.

Look at the spiritual strive for heaven as a garden-hose which you fill with pressure so that it may rise up into the air: The unguided hose will jump into random directions and shoot out tremendous floods of water – which could be seen as siddhis – one here – one there – but in fact the goal is to sprinkle the Kundalini-energy up into the pituitary gland, not all around.

I saw people get very tensed about Siddhis – demonizing them – when at the same time those are the Gurus who teach prosperity – another similar worldly attachment – not in any way better than any siddhi. And we all know too well that “it is easier for a camel to crawl through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter heaven”. Only no one wants to hear of it any longer, because we all are conditioned to believe that “a hungry man has no conscience”. We salute the “sucessful” materialists who oppress us and we dream greedily of their wealth in the hope to start working on our spirituality once we achieved it.
This rarely ever happens, because once one is really rich worries about keeping that wealth will eat up ones life.

My suggestion for spiritually interested people is:
Stay rebellious and believe in a shift of consciousness in which miracles can happen – this won’t happen as an external event but it will come from within each of us and when a critical mass of believers is reached the global consciousness will shift to allow our higher potentials to arise. Be open to anything possible, but don’t hunt for anything in specific. You might not get any, but one thing is certain – the higher you evolve the more blissful you will be – so blissful in fact that you might not feel the need to stand out in any way any longer, just like most martial artists started to train in order to fight but hardly ever need to use their abilities once they became black belts. And talking martial arts: To hit the target deeply it is recommended to aim behind your goal – the same applies to your attitude to siddhis: If you try to stay small (as religions and churches told us to be for millennia) all we can achieve is to be a “nice person” – but if you aim for the supernatural the sky is literally the limit.

The reason why I am not worried about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya bringing out Siddhis anyone could not handle is, because it “cuts through all darkness and all barriers of the neurotic or psychotic nature” so it will first dissolve ones ego and make one humble.

Never thwart yourself out of a fear of potential problems – be materialistic humble but spiritual insatiable and strive for the highest you can achieve!

In my eyes every person is a potential angel.

Edit I found another explanations on the siddhis and elements here:

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